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AP® Calculus BC (New and Experienced Teachers)

July 10-13, 2017

Bryant Conference Center

Tuscaloosa, AL

Instructor: Michael Boardman

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Course Description

This course is intended for AP Calculus BC teachers.  The purpose of the course is to deepen teachers’ understanding of the topics covered in AP Calculus, to help them understand and experience the construction of the AP Calculus exam and scoring rubrics and to understand the process of scoring the AP Calculus exams. We will engage in discussions on classroom techniques that improve student learning and retention.

We will review the Mathematical Practices (MPAC), Big Ideas, Enduring Understandings (EU), Learning Objectives (LO), and Essential Knowledge (EK) statements that comprise the AP Calculus AB curriculum.  We will pay close attention to common student misconceptions and errors.  Special emphasis will be given to more difficult calculus concepts and skills such as working with tabular data for a function or derivative, calculus of compositions, functions defined by integrals, Taylor series, differential equations (including the logistic), polar and parametric functions.

We will review the structure of the AP Calculus exam, how it is constructed and scored so that participants can devise their own AP-like questions and scoring rubrics to use in their own courses.  Discussion topics will include methods of instilling higher-level thinking and conceptual understanding.  Participants will be provided opportunities to share practices and activities that they have found to be successful in their own classrooms.

Special Instructions

Please bring the textbook you use for your class and a graphing calculator.

Instructor Bio

Michael Boardman is Professor of Mathematics at Pacific University in Oregon. Boardman participated in the AP Calculus Reading beginning in 1994 eventually rising to the position of Chief Reader for the years 2008-2011. He was the founding moderator for the AP Calculus Electronic Discussion group.  Boardman served for five years on the AP Calculus Development Committee and is currently on the ETS’s AP Calculus Workgroup.  Boardman is coauthor of College Calculus, a second term calculus book for college students who successfully completed AP Calculus AB in high school.  Boardman is chair of the MAA’s Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics, has been a teacher professional development leader, and is the recipient of Pacific’s S.S. Johnson Award for Excellence in Teaching.