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AP® English Language and Composition (Experienced Teachers)

July 9-12, 2018

Bryant Conference Center

Tuscaloosa, AL

Instructor: Elizabeth Davis

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Course Description

The session in English Language and Composition (New and Experienced Teachers) is designed create foundational knowledge for teachers new to the course and to build upon knowledge and enrich instruction of teachers who have been teaching the Language course for a number of years.  Key areas of focus will include:  teaching rhetorical analysis in student-sized chunks, providing resources and models to insure student success, teaching argument and synthesis using the They Say / I Say model, preparing students for the challenges of the exam, building language skills with fiction and nonfiction, teaching writing as opposed to assigning writing, and creating an innovative, engaging, and exciting classroom environment where students are central.  Teacher participation and interaction will be highly encouraged.

Institute Schedule

Monday Morning     

  • Getting Acquainted and Setting Goals for the week
  • Overview of the Language Course and expectations
  • Overview of College Board policies and information
  • Rhetorical Analysis: reviewing the rhetorical web, helping students connect device to meaning, focusing on teaching skills by scaffolding the process of analysis


Monday Afternoon

  • Rhetorical analysis (cont.) – Practicing analysis skills
  • Student workshop model (Henry speech)
  • Developing a new lesson from the model.
  • Review student samples


Tuesday Morning

  • Argument Clinic
  • Moving from rhetorical analysis to argument – (2007 prompt)
  • They Say/I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing
  • “They Say” Instruction


Tuesday Afternoon

  • Argument (cont.) “I Say” Instruction – Three Ways to Respond
  • Review student samples


Wednesday Morning

  • Preparing for the Synthesis Essay
  • The Current Issues Project


Wednesday Afternoon

  • Synthesis speed dating
  • Review student samples


Thursday Morning

  • AP Multiple Choice Strategies
  • Review of question types
  • Teaching Strategies for major works of fiction and nonfiction
  • Creative and effective discussion techniques
  • The Argument of Poetry


Thursday Afternoon

  • Managing the load for grading
  • Student exam prep
  • Creative ideas to revitalize a classroom
  • Catch up as needed


Instructor Bio

Elizabeth Davis is a 1988 graduate of Texas A&M University with an English Composite teaching field. After fifteen years at A&M Consolidated High School in College Station, her family made the move in 2004 to Austin where she taught AP English Language and Composition and AP English Literature and Composition at Westwood High School for Round Rock ISD. In her twenty-nine year teaching career, Elizabeth has taught Advanced Placement, honors, and on-level junior and senior English, sponsored the yearbook and student council, and served as English Department chair at both high schools. She has also been an instructor for SAT preparation and for the Bridge to Medicine program at Texas A&M University Medical School preparing potential students for the MCAT exam. Currently, Elizabeth is a reader for the English Language exam and also working in collaboration with The College Board in developing English Literature resources for 2019-2020. Having taught both AP English Literature and AP English Language has helped deepen her understanding of making connections and building bridges between the two courses and has also reinforced the importance of teaching writing and analysis at all levels of the vertical team. Outside the classroom, Elizabeth enjoys being a wife, a mother of two young men and their lovely brides, a spoiler of dogs, and a member of her church choir and ladies prayer group.