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AP® Statistics (Experienced Teachers)

June 25-28, 2018

Bryant Conference Center

Tuscaloosa, AL

Instructor: Paul Rodriguez

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Welcome to the wonderful world of AP Statistics!  I am looking forward to working with all of you and hope that you will leave feeling prepared and excited about the opportunity to teach AP Statistics. 

My goals are to review important topics from each of the four major content areas in AP Statistics (Exploring Data, Collecting Data, Probability, and Statistical Inference), provide activities that help illustrate these topics, and provide instruction and opportunities to use various types of technology, including graphing calculators and computer software.  Also, we will review the history of the AP Statistics program, discuss the creation of the AP Statistics exam, and review the scoring of the 2018 AP Statistics exam in great detail.  Finally, we will discuss how to start an AP Statistics program, how to select materials for use in class, how to recruit students, how to assess students, how to prepare students for the AP exam, and of course, anything else that participants want to know!

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 You will be receiving electronic copies of all the lesson plans we cover, examples on how to make the perfect chapter tests, examples of projects, and many other resources.  I strongly believe we learn most by doing, so you will be asked to participate in the activities, as well as present one of your own.  It would be helpful to have a laptop computer, but it is not necessary.  It will be necessary, however, to bring a graphing calculator.  I will be modeling instruction using a TI-84, so bringing a TI-83 or TI-84 would be great.  You will also be receiving copies of several textbooks, so you will not need to bring any of your own. 



  • The History and Growth of AP Statistics, including Recent Developments
  • Overview of Workshop Schedule and Materials
  • Resources for Starting an AP Statistics Program
  • Structure and Construction of AP Statistics Exam
  • Grading of the AP Statistics Exam
  • AP Audit
  • Teaching and Assessment Strategies
  • Preparing Students for the AP Exam

Collecting Data:

  • Types of Sampling
  • Bias in Sampling


Collecting Data:

  • Observational Studies
  • Experimental Design
  • Current and Previous AP Questions
  • 1st Semester Project Ideas

Exploring Data:

  • Univariate Data
  • Bivariate Data
  • Calculator and Computer Skills
  • Current and Previous AP Questions




  • Rules of Probability
  • Simulations
  • Random Variables
  • Calculator and Computer skills
  • Current and Previous AP Questions
  • Sampling Distributions
  • Calculator and Computer skills
  • Current and Previous AP Questions




  • Confidence Intervals
  • Hypothesis Tests
  • Errors in Hypothesis Testing
  • Using Simulation for Inference
  • Calculator and Computer skills
  • Current and Previous AP Questions
  • 2nd Semester Project Ideas


Instructor Bio

Paul Rodriguez has taught for 24 years, including AP Statistics for over 20 years.  He works for The College Board and has participated in the AP reading since 2004, including 6 years as a reader, 8 years as a table leader and 6 years as a rubric team member.  Since 2011, Paul has served on the AP Statistics Test Development Committee, with the responsibility of writing the AP exam and is currently the co-chair of the committee.  Paul is the co-author of the test bank for the Statistics and Probability with Applications textbook.  Paul has conducted several 2-day workshops and summer institutes sponsored by the College Board and enjoys the opportunity to share his love of statistics, simulations, using technology in the classroom, and he especially enjoys learning from the experiences of workshop participants.