Coalbed & Shale Gas Symposium


The University of Alabama's College of Continuing Studies, College of Engineering and sponsors are proud to continue the tradition of hosting the International Coalbed Methane Symposium. The first Coalbed Methane Symposium was held on the campus of The University of Alabama in November 1987. Promulgated by national and international energy demand, interest in the coalbed methane gas resources continued to expand. In 1993, the Coalbed Methane Symposium gained international attention and the result was the first International Coalbed Methane Symposium.

The 2013 symposium, dedicated to the international advancement of the science and technology of unconventional gas extraction and utilization, continues its mission within the coalbed methane series and has expanded its focus to include Shale Gas. The 2013 International Coalbed and Shale Gas Symposium provides unique opportunities for interdisciplinary examination of diverse technologies concerning coalbed methane and shale gas.

The Executive Committee is soliciting abstracts in such fields as:

  • Horizontal Drilling

  • Geology/Resource Assessment

  • Reservoir Characterization/ Engineering

  • Enhanced Recovery/Stimulation

  • Reservoir Modeling

  • Environmental/Legal/Economics

  • Sequestration

  • Shale Gas

  • Well Completions

  • International Coal & Shale Gas Developments

  • New Technology

The 2013 International Coalbed Symposium offers a series of short courses, concurrent technical sessions and field trips to examine the geology relative to coalbed methane reservoirs and/or a visit to coalbed methane production field operations.