Partner with The University of Alabama

Every organization has objectives. What are yours? 

Do you need to build brand awareness? Increase customer engagement? Partnering with The University of Alabama's professional development and continuing studies programs may be the way to make those goals a reality.

Boost your sales and marketing with direct, face-to-face contact with your most active customers. Reach those decision-makers, movers, and shakers. Establish your brand's value and superiority over competitors. Reinforce your place in the market by building familiarity through persistent brand exposure. A partnership tailored precisely to what you're trying to accomplish will help you surpass your immediate and long-term goals.

What a Sponsorship Entails

Sponsoring targeted events will give you access to your key customers in business, education, engineering, government and other sectors. To help you make the most of that opportunity, sponsors receive an advance electronic copy of the attendee list and at least two complimentary registrations. Your organization will also be thanked in the printed materials and on signage. But that's just the beginning. The sky is the limit on the ways we can work with you to get your name out there. Here's a few examples of unique sponsorship opportunities to start with:

  • Cause Marketing: Support your organization's favorite cause by providing them podium time during events. Spread the word with a booth for distributing literature and taking donations.
  • Naming Rights: It could be for an award, a time period, or even a physical section in the event space. We'll prominently give credit to your organization on signage and in printed materials.
  • Product Demo: Discuss your value proposition at an invitation-only reception. Show a prototype or presentation to guests, hand-picked by you, during or after an event.
  • Green Hero: Brag a little! Let everyone know about your green initiatives. We'll put your logo on recycling bins or other green items. We'll provide podium time to recognize sustainable businesses in the area of your choice.
  • Charging Station: Everyone needs a charge. Get noticed when your logo is on a charging kiosk. The stations have ports that securely lock the device while it’s being charged.

Or, select a customized sponsorship that fits the needs of your organization.

Who will you reach?

In 2015, over 7,000 decision-makers attended our conferences and programs.

Industries Represented in 2015
Business and Finance 1,026
Community and Health 1,928
Education 3,078
Government 1,333


Other Ways to Partner

As an alternative to a customized sponsorship package, you can choose from an array of sponsorship levels, each with its own set of benefits and perks. You could also partner with us in the following ways:

  • Sowing Seeds for Tomorrow

Cultivate a partnership with The University of Alabama. Consider the value of creating a dedicated, named fund with the College of Continuing Studies. Your company will reap visibility for generations to come through ongoing support of professional development and training scholarships, program speakers or grant funds to connected organizations.

  • An Immediate Impact

Jump in with a bang. Help support The University of Alabama’s professional development and training programs with a financial contribution, tangible items or other valuable resources. Your organization will be recognized prominently for its significant support of our mission.

Where to Go from Here

To learn more about sponsorships, gifts or endowments, please contact Sales Manager Judy Hand at or 205-348-0073.

The IRS publication Charitable Contributions: Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements (PDF) may be of interest.