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What participants said about the 2016 HRM Conference:

"A must for HR professionals and others in employee management. It's a day and a half of diverse, relevant topics for today's HR professional and corporate executives and provides a great opportunity to network with others; time to connect with folks who understand what we're dealing with and a forum to share with each other what's working and what's not." - Barbara Evans, Chief Operating Officer, Associated Insurance Administrators, Inc.

"The conference provides 'the cutting edge for HR present and future'." - Vivian Handy, Director of Human Resources, Alabama Department of Labor

14 reasons you do not want miss the HRM Conference, as told by our past participants:

  1. I really appreciated the speaker’s transparency with the information and delivery style.
  2. Outstanding speaker! Very refreshing to see a business leader place value and intent on creating a workplace culture. It made me want to send in a resume to join his company. 
  3. Absolute BEST breakout session of the event. Speaker never looked at notes, yet covered all of the information provided in the documents and even discussed additional information to the attendees that can be used not only within a professional setting but in communities as well. Great job.
  4. The key note speaker was a great addition to the conference and provided tons of information for team building.
  5. Daily HR operations can be exhausting, and it is easy to forget why you got into the field in the first place but this conference always energizes me to dive deeper into the subject matter, discuss the best practices, and discuss the development of the profession.
  6. I love that this conference encourages networking amongst the other professionals during the lunches and the group sessions.
  7. Very relevant information and presentation was funny and audience engaging! 
  8. Factual, informative, lively and a wealth of knowledge. Speaker is consistent and a refreshing addition to the conference!
  9. I could have listened to the speaker for longer. Great job!
  10. Not only was the content of the topics great, but the location, date and time and food were excellent. 
  11. I enjoy the legal information aspect, as well as talk about employee engagement and culture.
  12. Getting to network with other attendees was so great. And getting to pick your own breakout sessions was even better.
  13. The opportunity to learn how to be a better leader within the field of HR through information and updates received in breakout sessions and key note addresses are so great. 
  14. Such variety offered with the keynote speakers, as well as the breakout sessions.