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Leadership U

Leadership University engages UA leaders to make a great institution even better.  The cohorts consist of individuals currently serving in leadership positions on campus.  The selection process favors individuals functioning at higher levels in the organization with substantive influence over mission-driven activities.

Leadership U at The University of Alabama

2017-18 Information Coming Soon!

What is the best way for The University of Alabama to prepare for the future? We believe it comes from investing in leaders. Leadership U prepares faculty and professional staff leaders to face the challenges and opportunities of today – and tomorrow.

Capstone Competencies

Leadership U reflects the values of the Capstone Competencies, which are:

  • Adaptability/flexibility
  • Collaboration/building relationships
  • Ethics/Integrity
  • Self Development
  • Student/Customer Focused

Leadership U Curriculum

In the spirit of these values, the Leadership U curriculum seeks to

  • Broaden participants' perspectives on how the vision and mission of the University is realized
  • Enhance participants' capacity for collaboration and relationship building
  • Strengthen practical skills essential to effective leadership
  • Sensitize participants to the influence of culture in the academic setting
  • Encourage participants to think critically about higher education and UA in a dynamic environment