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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program - Course Overview and Learning Objectives

Course includes choice of software: EngineRoom, which is included for free, or Minitab which must be purchased separately.


This Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course is comprised of multiple separate sessions which follow the D-M-A-I-C project phase structure. Each session is a collection of related lessons, and includes an interactive quiz at the end of the session. Individual lessons also include simulations and interactive practice exercises. All course material is available online and will be supplemented by study halls conducted by your instructor. The course is instructor supported if you need help. 

By completing this course of study, you will gain a solid general knowledge of the theory, composition and implementation of a Six Sigma initiative. You will also become proficient in all of the basic analytical tools necessary to D-M-A-I-C Lean Six Sigma improvement projects, with the exception of design and analysis of experiments. You will learn team leadership and project management skills. In short, as a Green Belt you will master the skills necessary to lead a complex process improvement project that produces bottom-line results.

Course Structure and Requirements

All course sessions use a mix of multimedia to present material, including text, synchronized audio slide shows, diagrams, charts, audio lectures, and simulations. Links to outside research resources are provided to explore chosen subjects in greater detail. Course access is provided for 365 days beginning at the time of enrollment.
As you work through the course you will be asked to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in four ways:

  • Interactive Practice Exercises will be presented throughout each session so that you can try your new skills and get immediate feedback.
  • Supplemental Exercises will be presented at the end of every session to practice new concepts. Supplemental Exercises are self-graded and may be shared in the Virtual Classroom Discussion area.
  • Quizzes will be conducted at the end of every session. Quizzes are interactive, and provide immediate feedback to close the learning loop.
  • Green Belt Project: We strongly suggest that a meaningful project should accompany this coursework.

The learning experience will be enhanced significantly if concepts and tools are practiced on a real-world project as the course is completed. Successful project work is also required for any certification process. Your instructor will be working with you on getting your project started and on progressing in the DMAIC process. After you complete the coursework, you may purchase additional hours of coaching for your project.

The course is presented in a logical sequence to follow the Six Sigma D-M-A-I-C improvement process. We believe that you will learn most efficiently by following the sequence presented. In particular, the first session presents an overview of Six Sigma, which will be helpful to put the remaining sessions in proper context.
However, the sessions are modular, and we encourage you to explore the material. You are free to move forward and backward throughout the course. You can skip ahead or go back and review material that you already covered. The course map feature allows you to move point to point, from anywhere to anywhere. The course map status column will tell you which pages you have visited.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of this course (review of all lessons and completion of quiz modules), The University of Alabama will provide you with a certificate of training completion. By completing this course, you will earn 8 CEUs or 80 PDUs of credit.

Course Materials

  • The course includes Microsoft Excel templates for problem solving and statistical analysis. The templates are available as downloads within the course material.
  • Standard course version includes a copy of MoreSteam's EngineRoom data analysis software for Microsoft Excel.
  • General-purpose statistics software is useful but not necessary. Excel templates are provided by the course for statistical analysis. If you do not have a statistics package, options range from free Internet downloads to higher-end packages like Minitab, Statistica, JMP , etc. You can download a 30-day evaluation copy of most statistics packages online.
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Office 2003 or higher is recommended.


Lean Six Sigma Belt Certification

After you have successfully completed your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, you may complete your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. To become a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, you must:

  1. Complete the online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course,
  2. Achieve a passing score (80%) on the Green Belt final examination, and
  3. Complete a successful Lean Six Sigma improvement project.

Signing up for this option will provide you the opportunity to successfully present and defend your completed project and ensure the documentation of successful completion of the requirements for certification.