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Higher Education and Six Sigma: a Perfect Fit

The business of higher education today is just that - a business.

Today’s management imperative focuses more on the bottom line and on improving your competitive position. This is accomplished by meeting the needs of all your customers, including students, parents, faculty, staff, donors, better than anyone else. The business of education also has greater accountability than it has in the past. This means that implementing quality improvements across the board is more important today than ever before. It is important for both business and academic goals. A quality improvement program can improve all areas of higher education. Six Sigma is a transformative approach designed to tackle these challenges.  All work is process. Managers in higher education and other transactional fields can use Six Sigma to understand their work processes, and how to improve them. Six Sigma can be used in all departments and processes; admissions,  registration,  requisitions and purchase orders,  information technology,  grants administration,  accreditation, repair and maintenance, and more.

The faculty of The University of Alabama Six Sigma program have unique experience in the industry in the implementation of Six Sigma methodologies in the higher education arena. Our new blended learning program minimizes your time away from the office while providing you the benefit of interaction, instruction and feedback from our expert Six Sigma faculty. Here at the College of Continuing Studies, we began implementing a Six Sigma management culture and process improvement strategy in 2006. We began with Six Sigma Champions Training for the leadership team and followed up with Six Sigma belt training for college staff. Since that time, 35+ staff members have been trained to lead Six Sigma projects, and many more have participated in the process improvement teams for those projects. The projects have resulted in improved processes that have saved staff time, streamlined processes, and, above all, made them more responsive to the needs of our customers.

Begin your journey on the Six Sigma road to process improvement today! Call or email Pamela Harvey at 205-348-6605, for more information about our program.