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OLLI at UA Faculty

Faculty members are listed by last name.

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Instructor Biography
Lyle Aitken, financial planning

 Lyle Aitken

Lyle grew up in rural Southern Illinois, in a town named Sparta, 50 miles southeast of St. Louis. He attended college at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. Lyle began teaching at OLLI to share his knowledge of financial planning and how to apply it to the retirement years of life. As it turned out, Lyle says, he is the one learning from an extraordinary group of people how to apply the retirement years of life to financial planning.

  Chet Alexander

Chet Alexander

Chet received a BS in Physics and Math from Davidson College in 1960, an MS in Physics from Emory University in 1962; and a PhD in Physics from Duke University in 1968. He was a faculty member at The University of Alabama Department of Physics and Astronomy from 1968 to 2005, and he published over 60 refereed journal articles in the areas of biophysics and magnetic materials. Chet was named a fellow of the American Physical Society in 1982 and won the Burnam Distinguished Faculty Award in 1982. As a sculptor of scientists and scientific models, Chet has eight different works on display at the University of Alabama.


 Ed Allen, woodworker and furniture builder.

Ed Allen

Ed Allen retired from the fire service after 30 years. He also owned a fiberglass shop, but in 2002 he closed the shop and turned it into a woodworking shop and school. Ed has been doing woodworking for over 40 years. He built his first set of kitchen cabinets around 1976. Now he builds furniture, toys, and anything else he can think of! He turns bowls, table legs, Christmas ornaments, and pens, and he carves many objects and gifts. Ed loves any type of woodworking and also enjoys teaching woodworking. His shop, the Black Warrior Studio & Gallery, on 10th Avenue in Tuscaloosa, is open to all woodworkers.

 Patricia Beatty, former dean of the college of liberal arts.

Patricia Beatty

Pat Beatty grew up in Tuscaloosa, went to Newcomb College of Tulane University for her undergraduate degree, and received a MA and a PhD in English at the University of Alabama. After living in Birmingham for a number of years, she spent 28 years at the University of West Alabama at Livingston, first teaching English, then chairing the Department of Languages and Literature, and finally spending a couple of years as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. Her specialization is 20th century British literature, both the novel and poetry, but she has also enjoyed teaching some 20th century American literature. Pat retired in August 2010, and moved back to Tuscaloosa, where she is happy to be home again and closer to her sons and their families in Birmingham, especially her 2 grandsons Walker and Beckett. Pat's current interests and hobbies are traveling, reading, bridge, and OLLI.

 CHris Bell, German instructor for OLLI

Chris Bell

Chris emigrated from Germany and attended middle school and high school in Michigan City, Indiana. She has a BA in German from Indiana University, an MA in German from the University of Illinois and she continued coursework toward her PhD at the University of Kentucky. Before Chris retired she was an Instructor of German at UA for many years. She loves teaching German in the OLLI program because it gives her a chance to further the language and culture of her native Germany while it enables OLLI members to refresh the German they learned years ago or take up German just for fun.

 Donna Boles , French instructor for OLLI

 Donna Waters Boles

While Donna was growing up in the university environment in Bloomington, Indiana, many wonderful values and interests were instilled in her and fostered by her parents, teachers and friends. Donna's parents loved music, education, world travel, and sports, and those are still her chief interests. In addition, there was emphasis on the value of volunteerism. To these Donna has added a commitment to liberal politics and helping to take care of some who didn't grow up with her advantages. Donna played cello and piano from age 6 through college, and she has degrees in cello, French and education administration, with additional majors in English and education. Donna has worked in a rock band, playing keyboard, as a professional cellist, an arts administrator, and a high school French and English teacher. Donna finds great satisfaction in OLLI because it provides fabulous opportunities to satisfy most of her areas of interest, while adding heaps of fun!

 US and European History Specialist

Bruce Burrows

Bruce is a graduate of The Citadel, and holds a Master's degree in History from the University of West Florida. He was a combat pilot in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, and spent 32 years as a captain and flight standards manager with United Airlines. Bruce taught a course on the history of modern China for OLLI in the fall of 2006, and he has continued teaching for OLLI since then, predominately on 19th and 20th century U.S. and European history. Bruce is a past president of OLLI and he was the recipient of the College of Continuing Studies'"Excellence in Teaching" award in 2009.

 Physic professor at the University of Alabama

 Gene Byrd

Gene Byrd (B.S Texas A&M University 1968; PhD 1974 from the Univ. of Texas) is a Professor of Astronomy (Emeritus) at the University of Alabama. His career has been a mixture of teaching, research and service. Gene is a University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Teaching Fellow and has published texts and research on teaching. He studies the theory and observations of the dynamics of galaxies, discovering the pattern in NGC4622, which, counter-intuitively, has inner and outer spiral arms winding in opposite directions. Gene served as Secretary and Chair of the American Astronomical Society's Division on Dynamical Astronomy. He has authored over 100 articles and books including a popular level book, The Evolving Universe and the Origin of Life and, most recently, a college senior/graduate level text, Paths to Dark Energy: Theory and Observation

 Skip Campbell

Skip Campbell

Skip Campbell retired from UPS in early 2012 after 38 years as a senior manager, working in numerous locations in the United States and abroad, with primary responsibilities in operations and industrial engineering. He received his BS degree in Applied Science and Operations Analysis from the University of Alabama and holds 3 Master's degrees. He has a PhD in Organizational Behavior and Development, with concentrations in Organizational Theory and Macroergonomics. Skip is a Senior Member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the Organizational Development Network, and he sits on the Board of Visitors for the College of Continuing Studies at the University of Alabama. Skip is an avid historian and belongs to the Jefferson County Historical Association and the Alabama Historical Association. He and his wife Denise have 3 grown children.


Kay Chesnut

Kay was born and raised in Ohio and received a BS in Education from Capital University in Columbus, spending one semester studying abroad at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. Kay has a Master's Degree in Spanish from Middlebury College in Vermont. She lived in Honduras for seven years, working for the Peace Corps and teaching in American Schools. Her travels have taken Kay to Europe, Asia and the Americas. She taught elementary school for 20 + years in various states. In 1994 she began teaching high school Spanish in the Tuscaloosa City School System until retiring in 2007. Kay has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Her interests include biking, hiking, taking OLLI classes, reading and traveling.


Winnie Cobbs

After having spent her youth as an army brat in such far flung places as Casablanca, Winnie Cobbs has lived in nearby Greensboro for the last 40 years. She holds Master's degrees from the University of Alabama in French and English and a PhD in French, and she was for many years a professor of literature and language at Judson College in Marion. Since retirement, she devotes herself to her many passions which include the historic preservation of Greensboro (especially efforts to restore the historic Greensboro Opera House!), writing but rarely finishing short stories, sculpting, owning and operating a bed and breakfast in a Victorian home that she rescued, and, of course, participating in OLLI.


Steve Cole

Steve Cole, as an adolescent movie buff, would go to bed at 9 p.m., set his radio-alarm for 11:15 (when his parents were in bed), get up, sneak into the living room, turn the TV on low volume, and watch whatever the late movie was that night. Didn't matter what it was! Still doesn't, unless it's gory or scary. If you're a movie buff too, you'll understand why Steve is still angst-ridden and pie-eyed over Angela Vickers in "A Place In The Sun." Steve has lived in many different parts of the United States, worked in the property/casualty insurance business and driven tour buses. A native of Miami, Steve attended Stetson University. Now he goeth whither his United Methodist pastor wife Nancy goeth.

History and literature instructor for OLLI

Linda Dover

Linda Dover is a Florida State University graduate with a doctorate in English. Now a retired professor, Linda is a "beagle" scholar, free to sniff out new topics, run with them, and take willing students along with her. She is particularly interested in the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge - how literary text both inspires and is inspired by art, music, physics, history, and theology, among other disciplines.  For OLLI, she has taught the history and literature of the Alabama civil rights movement, general short story anthologies and those by Southern women writers, stories based on the seven deadly sins, literature of the Vietnam War, the American landscape through the eyes of writers and artists, and the link between poetry and other arts - and she is on the trail of still other ideas.


Linda Dunn

Linda Dunn has a MA degree in both Guidance and Counseling and Learning Disabilities and has worked 26 years in the public school systems. She is certified as instructor in Group Exercise by ACE, AFAA, and ACSM. Linda is certified by Les Mills in BODYPUMP and CXWORX and is also a certified ZUMBA Instructor. Linda has been an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Personal Trainer since 1992 and with her clients she concentrates on Women's Health, overweight children, and seniors. She has a great love for movement with music, and finds that group exercise classes are a great way to express this and keep others healthy. As a Zumba certified instructor, she teaches to many different fitness levels, so all exercise participants get their optimum workout with each class. From 2005 to 2006 Linda attended the Dragonfly Yoga Studies Center in Ft. Walton, FL. Since May 2006 she has been a (RYT) Registered Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance and in 2009, after teaching over 1300 yoga classes, became an E-RYT 200 (experienced RYT). Linda says her studies and passion for yoga have helped her stay focused and productive in all of her fitness programming. Most of all, she enjoys spending time relaxing with her husband Bud and her dog Yogi.

Deaf interpreter for OLLI

Judy Evans

When Judy Evans was a freshman at the UA in 1967, she wanted to do something besides study all the time. She learned about a class for pre-K deaf children, and although she had no expertise in this area, she thought it sounded interesting. She volunteered to work with this class one morning a week and she loved it! Judy had no idea that 10 years later she would be working on becoming an interpreter for the deaf - not as a vocation, but as an avocation. A deaf couple began attending her small church and for a while the church provided student interpreters for them, but, as often happens, students are busy people or they graduate. There was no consistency and the couple became very frustrated by the changes. Judy said to her minister, "Someone who will be here needs to learn how to do this!" The rest is history. Judy has interpreted for the deaf in various situations and taught sign language for over 30 years.


Bill Fitts

I owe an odd kind of thank you to the tornado that swept across parts of the South, including my hometown of Tuscaloosa, Ala., on April 27, 2011. My wife and I came through the tornado physically unharmed, but our lives were changed forever. Like others who have survived an event of such enormity, we began to assess our needs and wants, our hopes and dreams from the perspective of survivors--with the visceral understanding that life is short and the future uncertain.  As a result, I retired from The University of Alabama in September 2011 and took up writing mysteries. I am having a wonderful time, and I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them. It's too late for me to keep the day job.

R.L. Guffin OLLI Instructor

R.L. Guffin

R.L. Guffin's hometown was Marietta, GA. He did his undergraduate study at Mercer University, Macon, GA, and his graduate study at the University of Georgia. He retired in May, 2010, after teaching 46 years, the last 44 at Stillman College, as both a Professor and Academic Administrator. He has been a genealogist for the past 50 years. He has written 15 family histories, helped found the Tuscaloosa Genealogical Society in 1975 and served as its President for 10 years. He has taught genealogy at Bevill State College, Shelton State, and through the College of Continuing Studies at the University of Alabama since 1973. Since 1980 he has worked with more than 100 students through the External Degree Program (now Life Track) at the University of Alabama and each student has written a book on his family history. In summation, he is a passionate genealogist who loves helping people discover their family heritage.

Peggy Hamner, OLLI photographer

Peggy Hamner

Peggy earned a Master's degree in Marine Ecology from the University of California and then spent some 35 years studying behavior of marine animals with her husband Bill Hamner. They used SCUBA, ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and manned submersibles to observe undisturbed animals in situ in the ocean. In their studies of oceanic animals, ranging from jellyfish to whales, they relied heavily on still photography and video to record behavior. These strange and wonderful creatures lent themselves to popular articles, so Peggy got to work with professional photographers and became a better photographer herself.
In this digital age Peggy enjoys using the Picasa program to edit and organize photos, which got her started as the unofficial "official" OLLI photographer when she and Bill moved to Northport in 2008. Peggy is happy to help other OLLI members learn to use Picasa with their own photo collections.


Don Hartley

A Tuscaloosa native, Don Hartley is a 14 year local and state Emergency Management Agency (EMA) veteran. After 8 years as Tuscaloosa County EMA Deputy Director, Don is currently Alabama EMA Region 3 Coordinator for the 11 West Central Alabama Counties. Don's EM experience includes 32 Presidential Disaster Declarations and other severe weather and hazardous materials events, including the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. He is the state Emergency Response Team Leader for tropical events impacting Baldwin County on Alabama's Gulf Coast. Don authored the definitive "Guide to Emergency Management," currently used as a job aid by emergency managers across Alabama. He holds advanced professional certifications with the Alabama Association of Emergency Managers and the National Domestic Preparedness Coalition. He is also a state Certified Hazardous Materials Technician. Before his EM career, Don worked 30 years as a broadcast and print journalist. Don is married with two adult children and a grandson.

Museum Coordinator at the Tuscaloosa Museum of Art.

William Hawkins

William Hawkins is the Museum Coordinator for The Tuscaloosa Museum of Art, home of the Westervelt Collection. He started working with the Collection in 2008 as a volunteer and came on staff in 2009. With an expertise in American History, he received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Huntingdon College in 2001. A member of the American Alliance of Museums, Southeastern Museum Association, and the Alabama Association of Museums, Mr. Hawkins is constantly striving to showcase the Collection in the most informative way. As a Civil War re-enactor, Mr. Hawkins serves in the 14th AL Infantry as Second Sergeant and helps to bring to life the struggles of the American Civil War in the classroom, living histories, and movies. William Hawkins lives in Tuscaloosa with his wife and daughter.

Madeleine Hill

Madeleine Hill

Madeleine Hill, MSW, LCSW, is a member of the adjunct faculty of The University of Alabama School of Social Work where she has taught graduate level courses on death and bereavement, and HIV/AIDS for 10 years. Ms. Hill was instrumental in starting the first program of hospice care in West Alabama and served as its executive director. She has assisted in developing other community services that address special needs populations, including those with HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's Disease, and the grief of their families and caregivers. Her background includes psychiatric social work, counseling, and community development.


Jessica Hollander

Jessica Hollander's story collection "In These Times the Home is a Tired Place" won the Katherine Anne Porter Prize and will be published by the University of North Texas Press in October. She completed her MFA at The University of Alabama in 2011 and received the Outstanding Thesis Award in Creative Writing. Her stories have been published in more than fifty journals, including The Cincinnati Review, The Journal, Quarterly West, The Normal School, Hayden's Ferry Review, West Branch, and Web Conjunctions, and her writing will be anthologized in The Lineup: 25 Provocative Women Writers. She is currently an Instructor of English at The University of Alabama, where she teaches creative writing, literature, and composition, including an upper-level class on Gothic Writing.

Ron Houts

Ron Houts

Ron Houts retired from the Capstone as a Full Professor of Electrical Engineering. Thereafter he began to audit courses in the History and Religion departments - particularly in the areas of American and English history, ancient empires, and the formation and growth of the Christian church. He is best known to OLLI members for sharing his understanding of the Civil War; most recently in a Sesquicentennial series featuring one year of the conflict per session. Ron also has traveled to countries in Western Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, sharing his travels by ocean liner, riverboat or bus in the noon-time Bonus lectures open to all OLLI members. His recent lecture series for OLLI include "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" and "Two Attacks Upon America - 1861 and 1941."

Cooking, gardening , chinese and italian food for OLLI

Sharol Jacobson

Sharol Jacobson is a native of Minnesota. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Hamline University in St. Paul, and her Master of Education and PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She has taught public health, maternal-child health, medical and research ethics, health law, nursing theory, culture and health promotion, research, and writing for publication at the universities of Minnesota, Texas at San Antonio, Oklahoma (Health Science Center), and Alabama, from which she retired in 2006 as Director of Nursing Research. For her post-retirement job (2006-2012) she led the successful effort to achieve national accreditation for the UA Institutional Review Board, responsible for the protection of human participants in research. Her retirement interests are OLLI, gardening, cooking Chinese and Italian food, writing a book of memories for her grandchildren, and singing soprano in her church choir and the Prentice Concert Chorale

Director of the Bryant Conference Center

Donna Keene

Donna Keene, MBA, is Director of the Bryant Conference Center in The University of Alabama's College of Continuing Studies. She has over 10 years' experience in the financial management of marketing activities and has implemented cost control techniques and evaluation systems in both private industry and in continuing education units. Additionally, she has instructed adults in the use of computers and various software programs

Kerry Kennedy at OLLI

Kerry Kennedy

Kerry Kennedy is the owner of Fire Horse Pottery is located in Northport, Alabama. It is part of the wonderful Kentuck Art Center. She enjoys all forms of art, but love pottery most of all. She has been making ceramic art since 1996, and focusing my interests on forms and themes inspired by medieval and renaissance art directed toward the SCA for the last 12 years. Her husband, Joe, helps in a supporting role and manages the Etsy shop. She travels to sell her pottery in the SCA, concentrating on medieval themes, but the studio in Northport includes other ceramics as well.


Kerry Kennedy

Kerry Kennedy is the owner of Fire Horse Pottery is located in Northport, Alabama. It is part of the wonderful Kentuck Art Center. She enjoys all forms of art, but love pottery most of all. She has been making ceramic art since 1996, and focusing my interests on forms and themes inspired by medieval and renaissance art directed toward the SCA for the last 12 years. Her husband, Joe, helps in a supporting role and manages the Etsy shop. She travels to sell her pottery in the SCA, concentrating on medieval themes, but the studio in Northport includes other ceramics as well.


Gary Kerr

Gary is originally from Reform, Alabama. He graduated from The University of Alabama with a major in Art. He is a retired high school Visual Arts teacher, having taught at Tuscaloosa High and Central East. Gary has a life-long love for movies, especially the Western genre, that he happily shares with OLLI members.


Mary Kerr

Mary Kerr retired from teaching art in the Tuscaloosa County Schools. She is an exhibiting artist who has won several awards for her work. Mary works from her studio at her home and works in pencil, oil and watercolo

Photography and computer courses at OLLI

Ken Kuntz

Ken Kuntz teaches a variety of photography and computer courses for OLLI. He and his wife Patricia moved to Tuscaloosa in 1979. Ken was the owner of IPS Camera Repair until he retired in 2006. Ken has been an active amateur photographer since college. While running IPS Camera Repair, Ken worked with a variety of customers from beginners to professional photographers. As a hobby, Ken has used, built, and programmed personal computers since 1980. A few years back, he switched from Windows computers and became an Apple enthusiast. He is a dedicated advocate and teacher of Apple's products. Ken and his wife joined OLLI in 2008 and he started teaching photography-related classes in 2009. He has served OLLI as Treasurer and as a member of the Board of Directors.


John Lee

John E. Lee, Jr. is Professor Emeritus and retired Head, Department of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University. Previously, he spent 32 years at USDA's Economic Research Service in Washington, DC, the last 12 of which he was Administrator of the Agency. His fields of interest and writing are agricultural policy, credit, and evolution of the domestic and global food systems. John has authored more than 100 professional publications, papers, and presentations. He continues to be professionally active with consultation and contract work. John received his undergraduate and MS degrees from Auburn University and his PhD in Economics from Harvard University. He is a Fellow of the American Agricultural Economics Association, Past President of the AAEA Foundation, and recipient of the SAEA Lifetime Achievement Award

Bridge player and teacher at OLLI

Marie Lee

Marie began playing bridge in the spring of 2013 in OLLI's "Beginner's Bridge" class. A childhood friend from Pennsylvania encouraged her to learn how to play bridge so they could partner in online bridge games (That hasn't happened yet though; there are still more basics to learn!) Marie is pleased that so many other OLLI members want to learn the basics of bridge or to refresh their bridge skills from playing many years ago. Bridge is a challenging game, but it's great fun to socialize and make new friends in the classes.
Marie taught an OLLI "Health" session on hearing loss in 2011 and hopes to teach it again with more emphasis on remedies for hearing loss, including cochlear implants. Marie regained much of her hearing (and confidence in social situations) after having a cochlear implant in July 2012.


Michael Martone

Martone was born and grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He attended Butler University and graduated from Indiana University. He holds the MA from The Writing Seminars of The Johns Hopkins University.  Martone has won two Fellowships from the NEA and a grant from the Ingram Merrill Foundation. His stories have won awards in the Italian Americana fiction contest, the Florida Review Short Story Contest, the Story magazine Short, Short Story Contest, the Margaret Jones Fiction Prize of Black Ice Magazine, and the first World's Best Short, Short Story Contest. His stories and essays have appeared and been cited in the Pushcart Prize, The Best American Stories and The Best American Essays anthologies.  Michael Martone is currently a Professor at The University of Alabama where he has been teaching since 1996. He has been a faculty member of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College since 1988. He has taught at Iowa State University, Harvard University, and Syracuse University.

Teacher at OLLI

Mary Ann McKissick

Mary Ann has BS and MA degrees in Home Economics Education. She taught at Northside High, Holt High and Hillcrest High Schools. Mary Ann is married to David McKissick, and she has 2 sons, 4 granddaughters and 1 grandson. Her hobbies include decorating, sewing, cooking, gardening, and especially playing with her grandchildren. She attends St Mark UMC.

Speaker at OLLI

Dorothy Peacock

Dorothy was born and raised on a subsistence farm in Ontario, Canada, and was a frequent winner in cow milking contests. She left the farm in pursuit of a nursing career and became a nurse anesthetist. She retired after working for 32 years at Druid City Hospital. She has always liked flying, sailing, skiing and mountaineering; but presently her hobbies are a bit more subdued, so she has switched to gardening, travel, and OLLI.

History teacher at OLLI

Richard Rhone

After retiring from 30 years as a high school teacher and principal, Richard Rhone spent 11 years directing welfare reform programs and facilitating child abuse and neglect prevention programs for the state of Alabama. Currently, he is active in several heritage groups and enjoys working with the OLLI curriculum. Richard teaches history courses for OLLI about the Colonial and Revolutionary Era, the War Between the States and the Old West.

Ex USAF member, now enjoying OLLI

Robbie Roberts

Robbie Roberts is a native of Tuscaloosa who was "out of town" from 1964 to 2008, when he and his wife Pat returned to help care for his mom. He retired from the Air Force in 1990 as the base commander of Ellsworth AF Base and went to work for the governor of South Dakota. Robbie helped establish the national organization of state environmental executives and was its first executive director. In 2002 he was appointed Administrator of Region 8 of the Environmental Protection Agency, responsible for six states and 29 Indian reservations. Robbie has a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from the University of Alabama and a Master's in Public Administration from Auburn University in Montgomery. He is also a graduate of the Air Command and Staff College and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. He enjoys reading works of history and classic murder mysteries. Robbie and his wife Pat have 4 children and 5 grandchildren


Strudwick Rogers

Strudwick Marvin Rogers, a native of Butler, Alabama, is an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alabama. He graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in political science and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Rogers received his law degree from The University of Alabama Law School and was selected to the Alabama Law Review. He is an adjunct professor at Cumberland School of Law at Samford University. Rogers lives in Tuscaloosa with his wife Catherine and son Andrew.


John Ross

John Ross was in the first class ever to attend Indian Springs School in Birmingham, where he grew up. He graduated from the University in 1959 and went on to receive an Master of Fine Arts degree from the Yale School of Drama. After two years as Associate Designer and Technical Director for the Hartt Opera-Theatre of the University of Hartford, CT, he returned home to join the faculty of the Department of Speech (now Theatre and Dance) at the University of Alabama. John taught scene design, theater history, musical theater history and a survey of architecture and decorative arts for over 30 years, retiring as Professor Emeritus in 1997. He has directed and/or designed dozens of musicals in theatres from Hyannisport, MA to Sacramento, CA, including a season with the Aspen, CO Music Festival. John has been involved with OLLI - teaching theater-related classes and various special presentations -- since the fall of 2009.

Speaker at OLLI

George Shelton

George retired as executive director of Family Counseling Service in 2006 after 40 years of service. His energy since retirement has been invested in the Kentuck Art Center and a number of woodworking/woodturning associations locally. George is largely self-taught as a woodturner; however, he studied at Arrowmont and at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Currently he works out of his home studio, supplying woodwork to local retail outlets and teaching classes in woodturning. George is married to Sharon Shelton and they have two children and two grandchildren. Life is good


Dick Slattery

Dick Slattery is a native of Buffalo, NY, and graduate of Canisius College, a Jesuit Liberal Arts College that goes against the rule that Jesuit Colleges are known for their major league basketball programs. Graduating in 1964 with a Bachelor's degree in Latin, he never got advanced degrees because he was busy earning teaching certificates in German and Spanish. Dick started teaching at Lafayette High School in Buffalo, had a brief stint at Bishop Neumann HS in Williamsville, NY. He left teaching to serve as an officer in the U.S. Marines and saw combat in Vietnam. After a protracted absence, he returned to the classroom for one year as a JROTC instructor and one year as a Driver Ed instructor. Twelve years later, Oscar Tucker convinced him to come back to Tuscaloosa and teach Latin at Central High School West where he remained for 9 years. Dick then taught at Hillcrest for 6 years and finished his active teaching career after teaching Spanish, German, Latin, and Mythology for 9 years at Tuscaloosa County High in Northport.


Warren Spruill

Warren Spruill earned his BS degree in Accounting and Finance from San Jose State University and his PhD from the University of Alabama. He held several administrative positions at Stanford prior to coming to Alabama in 1978. He was General Auditor with the University of Alabama System when he retired on December 31, 1999. Since retiring, Warren has traveled extensively. He has visited Iceland and Greenland, and his recent trip to Antarctica completed his visits to all seven continents. Warren is an active genealogist. He is the immediate past president of the Tuscaloosa Genealogical Society, Inc., and has been active in preserving the 19th century Circuit Court Records of Tuscaloosa County. He has a strong interest in history and art and has served as a docent at the Warner Museum. Warren was born in New Bern, NC, and he and his wife Adrienne live in Tuscaloosa.


Jean Spruill

Jean became interested in woodworking after retiring from The University of Alabama. For years she had been making picture frames for her stained glass work. One of Jean's colleagues, Norm Ellis, kept telling her "If you can do stained glass, you can do woodworking" and he urged her to work with him. She did, and made a number of pieces of furniture including tables, a bookcase, a wine cabinet, a cedar chest and a chest of drawers. Woodworking is a great hobby! It keeps you busy, and there is something very satisfying about finishing a lovely piece of furniture that you can use and enjoy.


Jill Stokley

Jill Stokley was born at Camp Lejeune and grew up in the North, went to college in Nashville and married a man in the Air Force. They had two sons and divorced after 10 years. Jill then went to college at MUW in Mississippi to obtain an associate degree in Nursing. She moved to Tuscaloosa in 1982 to work at DCH Medical Center for 6 years, followed by 25 years at the VA Medical Center as Clinical Nurse Specialist in substance abuse/PTSD. She retired in 2008 and has worked part-time as an Adjunct Professor at Shelton. Jill has 5 grandchildren. For fun, she travels, reads, and enjoys musicals & theater. Since 2009 Jill has taught "Women in History" for OLLI and she frequently teaches at nursing seminars in the state. She is a member of the League of Women Voters and the Alabama State Nursing Association. She enjoys participating in OLLI.


Mary Tillotson

Mary Tillotson grew up in Tuscaloosa, majored in journalism at the University of Alabama and worked as a reporter/anchor for 40 years for (among others) WSB, Atlanta; WMAL, Washington, DC; Channel 5-TV, Washington, DC; CNN. At CNN (1980-2000), she covered the Senate and White House for several years and anchored a public-affairs talk show, "CNN & Company."


Lila Weaver

Lila Quintero Weaver is the author-illustrator of the graphic novel Darkroom: A Memoir in Black & White, published in 2012 by The University of Alabama Press. In Darkroom, Lila tells the story of her family's 1961 immigration from Argentina to the racially torn American South. She and her husband, Paul, reside in Northport, Alabama. They have three grown children.


Kevin Woosley

Kevin Woosley is a native of Birmingham. He began playing piano in 1995 under the instruction of Ms. Jan King. In 2007 Mr. Woosley graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) with a degree in Piano Performance. While at UAB, Mr. Woosley participated in the Piano Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Gospel Choir. Mr. Woosley achieved his Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from the University of Alabama in 2009, studying under Mrs. Amanda Penick. In December 2012 Mr. Woosley received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree with a concentration in Musicology, also from UA. Mr. Woosley has participated in UA's Piano Ensemble, Contemporary Ensemble, Huxford Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble. He has given numerous recitals in and around the Tuscaloosa area. Mr. Woosley specializes in teaching improvisation to classically trained pianists. He continues to teach music (his passion) at the University of Alabama, where he is currently Adjunct Instructor of Music.