Project Management

Project Management will help you excel in your most basic job requirement: getting work done. Charged with directing major initiatives for your organization,  you can impact the bottom line and deliver on promises to customers. This program gives you the skills necessary to assess environments, break large projects down to achievable tasks, garner organizational support, and thrive in a workplace of change. 

Project Management Workshops with The University of Alabama

In an increasingly competitive business world, organizations are finding it necessary to take on more projects in a means to remain competitive. Selected to direct major initiatives in the organization, skilled project managers impact the bottom line and require the ability to deliver on commitments made to customers. This program gives you the skills necessary to assess the requirements, develop the work in a logical flow, enlist organizational support, and thrive in a high demand workplace. In these workshops, participants will learn and practice the essential skills required to successfully deliver projects. The curriculum which aligns with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) framework, is specifically designed to focus on the practical application of concepts. Upon successful completion of the three workshops, participants will be able to demonstrate, by practical application, the concepts and skills inherent in successful project management environments.

Who Should Attend

Developing Project Management Skills - The workshop is ideal for leaders who want to perform at a high level, consistently producing superior results. Project management principles apply to all lines of business whether the work is formally declared a project or is just goal oriented. Life is really just one big project. The course instructor recommends beginning with this course unless the participant has significant actual project management work experience.  

Advanced Project Management Skills with Simulation - For maximum benefit in this workshop, we strongly recommend that participants attend the Developing Project Management Skills workshop or an equivalent course and have project management experience. Participants should review project management principles prior to attending this workshop.

Building and Sustaining Project Management Best Practices - This workshop will benefit new project managers as well as longtime project managers. It is ideal for Professional Development Units (PDU’s) to maintain your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification requirements.

What You Will Learn

Enhance potential for a successful outcome before the project begins by identifying the statement of work, developing requirements, creating the work breakdown structures, defining the skills necessary for the team composition, scheduling a realistic timeline, budgeting and forecasting long before execution of the project begins.

  • Develop and monitor a risk management plan through risk identification, mitigation by risk development and measuring the effectiveness of the responses.
  • Evaluate progress on identified projects through status reporting, comparing planned versus actual occurrences, measuring and communicating overall performance to key stakeholders.
  • Develop the skills necessary for project and resource management: leading and engaging stakeholders, motivating team members, making decisions, and allocating resources.
  • Demonstrate ability to control the big picture: performance measurement using Earned Value Management (EVA), Schmidt charting, schedule control, and rolling wave development.
  • Understand the project management maturity model, project management methodologies, critical chain schedule development, continuous improvement, Six Sigma concepts, managing multiple projects, and inherited projects.
  • Learn how to monitor risk management processes and attitudes towards risk with risk analysis techniques and tools and planned responses.
  • Analyze the strategic concept of tailoring best practices to fit organizational culture.
  • Focus on project value-adding concepts related to repeatability and consistency, metrics and measurability, correlation and best practices in process improvement.

Workshop Outlines

Developing Project Management Skills

This three-day results-oriented, “roll up your sleeves” workshop will introduce you to the quality-drive philosophies and tools that contribute to enhancing the project team’s participation and productivity.  Build a foundation of project management skills from a strategic, organizational, and tactical viewpoint. The course instructor recommends beginning with this course unless the participant has significant actual project management work experience.

Advanced Project Management Skills with Simulation

This three-day Advanced Project Management Workshop includes an online interactive project simulation to test not only knowledge, but also performance. Learn by making actual project decisions. This workshop picks up where other traditional project management courses leave off. Participants learn to monitor a project using SimulTrain®, software that provides a simulation for planning and executing phases of a project. During project execution, participants are placed in common situations that generate stress and require timely decisions that affect not only project performance, but also team motivation. This workshop is focused on advanced project competencies, tools and techniques.

Building and Sustaining Project Management Best Practices

This two-day workshop provides the skills and knowledge to identify, document, and apply best practices to improve current and future project performance and foster the application of best practices throughout the organization. Build a best practice methodology and tailor it to your company to sustain a repeatable, quality project discipline that supports process improvement.

Unique Workshop Offerings

  • The vast experience and expertise of the program instructors
  • Online interactive project simulation SimulTrain® software 

Workshop Leads

  • Roy Brewer, PMP
  • Steve Griffin, PMP