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Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®)

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 The Institute for Supply Management launched the Certified Professional In Supply Management (CPSM) program in May 2008.  The CPSM is recognized globally and identifies Supply Management Professionals around the world.  The CPSM is the professional credential that leads you into the decision-maker role and compels you to generate strategic solutions.  You will have the capacity to effectively management projects, whether you work in the non-manufacturing or manufacturing sector.  The emphasis that CPSM places on Supply Chain Integration is what allows you to continually evolve in the rapidly changing area of supply management. 

The CPSM Certification focuses on three (3) key modules for a total of approximately 90 hours of training. Listed below are the three Online CPSM modules offered by the Institute of Supply Management and The University of Alabama in their recommended order: 

  1. Foundation of Supply Management
  2. Effective Supply Management Performance
  3. Leadership in Supply Management

The cost of the CPSM Exam Preparation course is $1,199.
For more information, please visit the facilitator's website: Supply Chain Education