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General Information About the Supply Chain and Logistics Management Certificate Program

In many organizations, inventories are the largest single asset. Even in companies with significant fixed assets such as buildings or equipment, materials represent a huge investment. This investment must be vigorously managed. If the managers who have responsibility for overseeing these critical resources have state-of-the-art information and techniques, they can save an organization time, money and make a positive impact on customer service and the bottom line.

The Supply Chain and Logistics Management Certificate Program offers a comprehensive management development program for professionals involved in inventory management, purchasing, warehousing or transportation. A materials manager who completes six seminars within a three-year period will receive a certificate of completion from The University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies. This non-credit certificate will establish a permanent record within the College of Continuing Studies documenting the recipient’s exposure to state-of-the-art materials management techniques.

Five required seminars:

• Managing Supply Chains for Risk and Competitive Advantage (three days)
• Traffic and Transportation Management in a Changing Environment (two days)
• Purchasing Techniques for Effective Buying (two days)
• Managing and Improving Warehouse Operations (two days)
• Managing Inventories for Increased Profitability (two days)

And a choice of one of the following specialized elective seminars:

• Managing Global Freight Distribution Using New Strategies and Tactics (two days)
• Management Skills for Warehouse Supervisors (two days)
• Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management Techniques (two days)
• Crafting Purchasing and Supply Contracts (two days)
• Managing Price, Cost and Potential Increases (two days)
• Using RFID and Bar Codes to Track Everything (two days)

The certificate is an important credential that all involved in supply chain and logistics should have. To successfully complete the Supply Chain and Logistics Management Certificate Program, a participant must attend all five required sessions and complete one elective session within a three-year period; complete all work as assigned; and be present for all class activities. For a documented emergency, a participant can miss up to 1-1/2 hours of the scheduled total 87-hour program and still graduate.

Each of the five required seminars will be offered at least once a year. The elective seminars will be scheduled when enrollment justifies. The required sessions are not sequenced and, therefore, can be taken in any order. It is suggested that the elective sessions be taken only after completion of the “core” program in that specialty. For example, Purchasing Techniques for Effective Buying should be completed before taking Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management Techniques.