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Instructors for the Supply Chain Certificate Program


Michael W. Gozzo

Michael W. Gozzo, CPIM, CSCP, CQA has worked more than 40 years as a specialist and a trainer in the fields of inventory control, supply chain management, lean manufacturing, demand flow technology, just-in-time, total quality control, manufacturing systems implementation, and production/operations.  An executive consultant and project manager with CATTAN, he has applied such concepts as bar Coding, benchmarking, ISO 9000, just-in-time, MRP/MRP II, and supplier certification. Gozzo has both a Bachelor of Science in finance from the University of Connecticut and an Executive Program Master's Degree from the University of New Haven.  He is a frequent lecturer for numerous universities and colleges.

Kenneth D. Martin

Kenneth D. Martin, JD, CPP, CIPN, has a well-deserved reputation as an instructor, business adviser, and counsel in commercial business agreements, company ethics and compliance programs, intellectual property, claims and litigation, negotiations, government contracts, and contract and purchasing administration.  He offers both a practical and pragmatic outlook on the business and legal aspects of purchasing, procurement, acquisition, and contractual matters.
Martin received his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh and his Juris Doctor degree from the Duquesne University School of Law.  He has conducted training on contract and acquisition management, legal aspects of purchasing, and negotiations and is an executive consultant with CATTAN Service Group, Inc.

Thomas L. Tanel

Thomas L. Tanel, C.P.M., CTL, CCA, CISCM has an international reputation as a subject matter expert, consultant, and seminar leader in logistics, supply chain management, purchasing and procurement, and distribution and transportation. With more than 35 years of experience, he offers a seasoned perspective through his line, teaching, staff, and consulting positions. Tanel is president, CEO, and founding principal of CATTAN Services Group, Inc., a logistics advisory, counseling and training firm.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts from St. John's University and Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in logistics from the Florida Institute of Technology.

George Yarusavage

George Yarusavage, C.P.M., CTL, CPIM has a well-deserved reputation as a consultant and educator in the fields of supply chain management; logistics and distribution; traffic and transportation; purchasing and procurement; and 3PL Outsourcing. Yarusavage is an executive consultant with CATTAN Services Group, Inc. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Logistics from Penn State University and a Masters in Business Administration from New York University.  He has earned three prestigious logistics certifications: Certified in Transportation and Logistics from the American Society of Transportation and Logistics, Certified in Production and Inventory Management from the American Production and Inventory Control Society, and his lifetime C.P.M from the Institute of Supply Management.