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Using RFID & Bar Codes to Track Everything

An Elective Session of the Supply Chain and Logistics Management Certificate Program

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December 8-9, 2015

About This Program
Bar Code usage is practically mandatory. It’s cost effective, competitive, accurate, and if your customers don’t require it now, they will shortly. This course explores ALL its uses! Mistakes can be very costly when it comes to quick response, customer service, total cycle time and JIT. The rapid emergence of bar coding and automatic identification has come a long way in eliminating costly data entry and transposition errors for companies far-sighted enough to use and understand it.
If you are looking for practical ways of integrating bar coding or automatic identification into your organization, this seminar is a must. Bar Codes and other Auto ID techniques are ways to gather information with minimum human involvement, providing accurate and rapid collection and dissemination of data through automatic data capture (ADC). Instituting ADC allows you to know exactly what you have and where it is at all times. Therefore, the information supplied by Bar Code/Auto ID systems makes it possible to operate in an almost “paperless” environment, even in conjunction with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the Internet.
With the advent of keyboard wedges, programmable terminals and radio frequency, personal computing has provided you with powerful, inexpensive, and accessible means for storing, manipulating and reporting information. Applications include labor tracking, quality control, inventory control, shipping and receiving, distribution and warehousing, invoicing, transportation and much more. Learn about bar code symbologies, scanner technologies, printer technologies, integration with MIS, project cost justification techniques and many more aspects and applications for bar coding.

Who Should Attend
Executives, supervisors,engineers, managers and directors in the areas of manufacturing, inventory, distribution,purchasing, maintenance, production, data processing, warehousing, logistics, materials management, operations, MIS, service, and finance who want to expand their knowledge of how bar codes and automatic identification might be used to help them and their customers enhance their business processes.


  • Examine the relationship between homeland security and government mandates with respect to the use of bar code technology.
  • Implement a bar code system in your company.
  • Expand what you already have.
  • Justify a Return On Investment.
  • Compile to customer companies demanding that their suppliers implement a bar code strategy.
  • Use ASN in this application.
  • Select the symbology to use in different applications.
  • Use vast data you’ll capture to save money and time.
  • Select a system to purchase.
  • Determine how EDI and the Internet fit in.
  • Use Bar Coding and Radio Frequency technology to help bridge the gap between disparate enterprise systems.

Program Outline
1. Automatic Identification and Data Capture: An Overview
2. Techniques Used for Identification
3. Bar Code Symbology: What is it?
4. Scanner and Radio Frequency Technology
5. Printing: Equipment and Usage
6. Implementation Issues
7. Cost Justification
8. Real World Applications: Case Histories