Alabama Community College Leadership Academy Academic Credit

Academic graduate credit (3 to 6 hours) options are available for participants enrolled in the Academy. Participants who wish to earn academic graduate credit must complete the graduate school application process and enroll for credit before the beginning of the program on July 15, 2019. This year’s credit option includes:

  • AHE 510 The Community and Junior College.  (Fall) Three hours.  Course description: An overview of the development, format, issues, and purposes of the contemporary community and junior college.
  • AHE 625 Community College Leadership. (Spring) Three hours. Course description: this course provides an overview of issues pertaining to leadership in American community colleges.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Credit

Participants completing The Academy will receive 6.4 CEUs documenting that 64 hours of training have been earned. [Note: The CEU (non-credit) has been designated to recognize the efforts made by individuals in approved continuing education programs. One CEU is equivalent to 10 sixty-minute contact hours of instruction.

The Academy Graduation Criteria

  1. Attend and complete all five blocks (12 days) of required classes (64 hours). Attendance verification forms will serve as documentation.
  2. Complete all work as assigned.
  3. Be present for all class activities. For a documented emergency, a participant can miss up to 1 & 1/2 days (nine hours) of the scheduled 12-day (64 hour) program and still graduate.