About the Program

The Alabama Community College Leadership Academy (the Academy), established in 2000, is co-sponsored by The University of Alabama College of Education and Office of Teaching Innovation and Digital Education in cooperation with the Alabama Community College System, The University of Alabama System, and the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. Its mission is to prepare community college leaders by enhancing their leadership and management skills for an environment of change and to promote active partnership within postsecondary education.

Participants are selected for their demonstrated leadership skills, active involvement in their institution, and a willingness to invest the time, effort, and energy required for the program. Those registering for the Class of 2019-2020 will be the 20th class to enroll. Academy Alumni now has 376 graduates.

The Academy begins with a four-day session in residence at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Four two-day seminars, which meet on  host campuses throughout the year, complete the Academy. Graduation is held at The University of Alabama.

The Academy provides a variety of learning experiences led by various experts on topics related to leadership and administration. The core curriculum is arranged according to six major themes including: foundations of leadership; policy and governance; administration and finance; teaching and learning; student services and development; and leadership for change.

Academic graduate credit (3 to 6 hours) options are available for participants enrolled in the Academy. Participants who wish to earn academic graduate credit must complete the graduate school application process and enroll for credit before the beginning of the program. This year’s credit options include:

  • AHE 510 The Community and Junior College. (Fall) Three hours.
    • Course description: An overview of the development, format, issues, and purposes of the contemporary community and junior college.
  • AHE 625 Community College Leadership. (Spring) Three hours.
    • Course description: This course provides an overview of issues pertaining to leadership in American community colleges.

The Academy is designed to provide a unique educational experience for participants, and as such, they will receive continuing education credit for their experience. All participants receive a certificate of completion in community college leadership. Those who elect to enroll in the academic credit course earn three to six hours of graduate credit through the College of Education Higher Education Administration Program.