June 28 – July 1, 2021

Instructor: Jacqueline Rackard

I was raised in sunny South Florida and received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Florida International University. I am in my 32nd year of teaching and have taught AP English (either Language or Literature) pretty consistently since 2000. I have also taught reading and ELL and have worked as literacy coach.  I have also taught college writing at the local community college.

I have been an AP English Language and Composition reader since 2003 and have served as table leader, question leader and member of the sample selection committee. At this coming reading, I will serve as Assistant to the Chief Reader.

I also had the opportunity to serve as part of the AP English Language Test Development committee from 2009-2016. I currently teach in an urban setting near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. My school is large and very diverse. For fun and to maintain my sanity, I practice yoga and read extensively.



Course Description

Advanced Placement English Language and Composition teachers will explore strategies to improve and enhance college level English courses by focusing on the five curriculum areas of essay writing: close reading, language analysis, rhetorical analysis, constructing an argument, and synthesis development.

Emphasis will be placed on non-fiction selections and pedagogical approaches. There will be substantial time during the workshop for participants to work collaboratively and individually to create effective instructional units.

APSI Course Overview:

  • Closely review the Course and Exam Description (CED) with a spiraling articulation of the existing AP Course in terms of:
  • Big Ideas(Rhetorical Situation, Claims and Evidence, Reasoning and Organization, and Style) Enduring Understandings, and Course Skills
  • Develop curricula for some of the units found in the CED
  • Review AP Resources and Supports, particularly AP Classroom.
  • Explore approaches to organizing the course, selecting materials, and facilitating learning
  • Examine changes to the Language Exam (stable wording and scoring rubrics)
  • Review AP Audit requirements
  • Share best practices and pedagogical principles in relation to advance academics

Course Agenda Overview


  • Access and equity statement review/discussion
  • Course and exam description (ced)- guided ppt
  • Areas of discussion and practice:
    • Big ideas and enduring understandings
    • Rhetorical situation: purpose, speaker, audience, exigence
  • Activity: spiraling the units


  • Introduction to  ap central- resources
  • Close study of units 1-3 (ced)
  • Introduction to rhetorical analysis- q&a
  • Scaffolding skills- starting with a paragraph vs. Full essay
  • Question 2: scoring guide
    • Sample prompts/scoring activity


  • AP central- review and navigation
  • Introduction to argumentation
    • Rogerian and  Aristotelian
    • Structuring the argument
    • Types of evidence- is personal experience acceptable?
  • Samples/scoring guide
    • Group activity
  • Individual/group planning time- units 1-4


  • Close study of units 5-8 (ced)
  • Introduction to synthesis
    • The role of argumentation and rhetorical analysis
  • Jigsaw activity- analyzing sources
  • Samples/scoring guide
    • Group activity
  • AP central and AP classroom