July 18-21, 2022

Instructor: Matthew McGregor

BMHS Social Studies Department chairperson
AP Government teacher
AP Government Question Leader
AP Government Summer Institute Instructor

Course Description & Daily Agenda

In this workshop, we will focus on discussing and reviewing the structure of the redesigned course in AP US Government and Politics.  We will discuss various pedagogical methods to teach the Big Ideas, Enduring Understandings, Learning Objectives, and Essential Knowledge for this course.  Participants will gain a better understanding of how these concepts are utilized to build a cohesive course framework.  We will also focus on the components of the redesigned exam.  Particularly, we will cover in-depth the new disciplinary practices: Source Analysis, SCOTUS Analysis, Data Analysis, Concept Application, and Argumentation.  We will also review and discuss revisions for the multiple choice questions on the redesigned exam.

AP Government and Politics APSI Daily Schedule

DAY 1: 8 am to 4:30 pm Lunch 12:05 pm DAILY BREAKS with SNACKS 9:30 and 2:00
Pass out packet explain briefly
Introductions/Ice Breaker
Goals for the week Brainstorming (Matt Record)
Share google files that will also be utilized this week.

SESSION 1: Redesign course- Getting to know the Course and Exam Description (CED)
Methodology: How to navigate and adapt your teaching
Slides and Activities Break in between SHORT BREAK Coffee, refreshments, stretch, restroom 5 minutes

SESSION 2: Lesson 3 Disciplinary practices Reasoning Practices REVIEW TOGETHER
Lesson 4 Understanding Unit guides Brief We will develop Units on Tuesday

LUNCH 12:05

SESSION 3: Review Instructional Activities/ Required Course Content/

SESSION 4: The exam overview


SESSION 5: Equity and Access Lever Article Guidelines Break out

Exit Slips

DAY 2 8 am to 4:30 pm Lunch 12:20pm

WELCOME BACK Discuss Exit slips

SESSION 6: UNIT 1 deep dive and prepare a UNIT UNIT GUIDE Sample Units UNIT 1

LUNCH 12:05

SESSION 7: AP Classroom Teacher guide

SESSION 8: Syllabus review and discussion. Sample 1 and Sample 2
Syllabus development guide share McGregor Syllabus


SESSION 9: Textbook review and resources VOCAB BINDER

SESSION 10: Review Multiple Choice questions MCQ’s and Bell Ringers
2019 released practice exam Spring 2020 Released exam Released 2021 with student responses for practice scoring and 2022.

LUNCH 11:20

SESSION 11: Concept Application FRQs View samples and score TASK VERBS
Discuss Quantitative FRQ’s View samples and score

DAY 3 8 am to 4:30 pm Lunch 12:05 pm

Discuss Exit slips


SESSION 13: ZOOM With Ashley P. bfw

SESSION 14: Quantitative FRQ’s 2021 LUNCH 11:20


SESSION 15: SCOTUS FRQ’s SCOTUS 2018 SC Cases Database Master

Bring a copy of your favorite lesson to share tomorrow.

Exit Slips

Day 4:
SESSION 16 : Civics Project
McGregor civic action project template

SESSION 17: National Constitution Center Lesson exploration link

SESSION 18 : Focus on Free Response: 4 (Argumentative Essay) ▪ Breakdown 2019 and 2021 question and samples
Foundational Docs Pear Decks PD
LUNCH 11:40

SESSION 19: Share Best practices –

SESSION 20: Using Instructional Reports
Things we learned at the scoring/reading in SLC
• Surveys
• Tie up loose ends

Participants should have: 

  • Computer and access to the internet
  • Example of current syllabus