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For over 100 years, Regions Private Wealth Management has been helping families build and preserve their wealth. Located across 15 states and with a staff of more than 500 associates, Regions Private Wealth Management has total assets of more than $19 billion.

For every Regions Private Wealth Management client, we create a personalized financial strategy supported by an experienced team of professionals, all available through one Wealth Advisor. Your Wealth Advisor delivers a comprehensive approach to wealth management through a customized financial and wealth strategy that is:

  • Supported by a team of subject-matter experts
  • Powered by proven financial principles
  • Guided by over a hundred years of institutional knowledge and experience

Because Regions is a full-service financial institution, we don’t have a built-in bias to direct you to particular products and investments. Our Wealth Advisors lead teams supported by subject-matter experts such as Trust Advisors, Lending Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Wealth Strategists and more.

For more information, contact David Puckett, VP, Regions Financial Corporation 205-944-1300.