Cyberforce Security: Risk and Mitigation

The one-day course will provide a basic-level of understanding of cybersecurity, risks, and related issues for C-level executives so that they may address their responsibilities. The course consists of three topics: 

  • Introduction to cyber security, including definitions and the technical foundation of why systems cannot be made completely secure
  • Introduction to historical and current threats, including an analysis of weapons, actors and motivations spread across cybercrime, cyberespionage and cyberwarfare.
  • Risk management which addresses corporate cyber responsibility and risk, including assessing cyber value and risk, and quantifying that risk so it can be managed.


Key Points

  • Cyber risk mitigation should be part of the broader risk mitigation framework of a business
  • Cyber problems should not be the province of the IT department, but should be raised to the CEO, board, and operating officer level
  • Technology, processes and people form a basic foundation for cyber mitigation
  • The mitigation plan must include full knowledge of what is running on one's system and who has access to what
  • Emphasis on third-party access to systems
  • Baseline protections in place
  • Plans for responding to cyber breaches


This course is offered by :

Cyberforce Superiority