Invited Speakers 

 Speaker's Name  Institution  Topic

J. Alfonso L. Aguerri

Institute of Astronomy, Canaries, Spain

Observational Overview: Rings and Disk Resonances (Review)

Lia Athanassoula

Laboratory for Astrophysics, Marseille, France

A multi-aspect view of bars and of the structures they drive (Review)

Frederic Bournaud

CEA Saclay, France

Theory and Numerical Simulations of Encounter-driven Rings

Francoise Combes

Paris Observatory, France

Multi-wavelength Observations of Galactic Rings (Review)

Elena D'Onghia

University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States

Formation and Evolution of Spiral Structure in Disk Galaxies

Peter Erwin

Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Germany

Inner and (Mostly) Outer Rings and the Structure of Galactic Disks

Ken C. Freeman

Australian National University, Australia

Dynamical Significance of Rings (Review)

Dimitri Gadotti

European Southern Observatory, Germany

The TIMER Project: Time Inference with MUSE in Extragalactic Rings

James Higdon

Georgia Southern University, United States

The Star-forming ISM in Collisional Ring Galaxies

Johan Knapen

Institute of Astronomy, Canaries, Spain

Star Formation and Stellar Populations in Disk Rings (Review)

Karen Masters

University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Galaxy Morphology in a Cosmological Context (Review)

Alexei Moiseev

Special Astrophysical Observatory, Russia

Accretion-generated rings: coplanar and non-coplanar structures

Merce Romero-Gomez

University of Barcelona, Spain

Rings and manifolds in barred galaxies

Heikki Salo

University of Oulu, Finland

Multicomponent Structural Decompositions of Barred and Ringed Galaxies

Juntai Shen

Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China

Modeling the Nuclear Ring and Spiral Arms of the Milky Way

Olga Sil’chenko

Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Russia

Ultraviolet Rings in S0 Galaxies