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HR Business Leader Workshop

Play a smart game in 2016. Attend our workshop to position yourself as the expert in your organization when it comes to HR strategy, and get 15 HRCI credit hours at the same time. Checkmate.

HR Business Leader Workshop

This workshop is intended for those that have attended "Moving HR from Transactional to Strategic: Becoming an Effective HR Business Leader," or those whom have been through an HR Business Partner model implementation.  We will concentrate on real-world experience including the lessons learned, ongoing challenges and barriers to strategic HR leadership. 

To be seen as strategic, business leaders must be involved in the setting and execution of organizational strategy.  This is a critical gap for HR.  Effective strategic execution will be discussed along with ideas for increasing overall organizational impact.  Learn how to identify HR processes that need to be aligned to strategic results.  Learn to leverage more creative thinking to elevate your influence, results and ability to drive change.

This program currently has no scheduled dates.

Attend this training and learn how to:

  • Identify and bridge gaps between HR initiatives/processes and organizational strategy
  • Expand awareness, improve problem-solving and understand perspective-taking
  • Strategically manage influence to impact results
  • Develop the communication plan to support the transition from partner to leader
  • Identify HR processes that need to be aligned to produce strategic results
  • Leverage more creative thinking to elevate your influence, results, and ability to drive change