Application Process for Leadership U

As you prepare to apply to Leadership University, start by discussing with your superior how participation will impact your responsibilities. Working together, you and he/she will need to plan ahead so that you can fully participate. For example, it may be necessary to temporarily redistribute duties to coworkers around the times when Leadership U sessions occur, or make other arrangements to support your participation.

Candidate Criteria and Selection

The 2015-16 class is expected to have both faculty and staff participants. Participants are expected to be individuals currently serving in leadership positions on campus.

Ideal faculty candidates will be individuals currently serving in administrative roles and interested in continuing administrative work.

Ideal staff candidates will be managers at the director or assistant/associate director level with a track record for consistent excellence in progressively more demanding positions.

Criteria to be considered will include:

  • Level and scope of current leadership responsibilities
  • Compatibility of personal goals with the objectives of Leadership U
  • Diversity of campus responsibility areas
  • Capacity for substantive influence of UA mission and vision
  • Support of the supervisor/superior


Recruitment Timeline

  • August 2014 - Online Application Process Opens
  • October 7, 2014 - Completed application due, including personal statements and superior's letter of support
  • November 6-7, 2014 - Interviews
  • January 2015 - Orientation for participants and supervisor/superior
  • Applications must be submitted through the online application process.


Application and Selection Process Information

1. Building Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership U focuses on becoming a successful leader at UA specifically, and in higher education generally. The Leadership U curriculum is designed to: 

Broaden participants' perspectives on how the vision and mission of the University is realized

Enhance participants' capacity for collaboration and relationship building

Strengthen practical skills essential to effective leadership

Sensitize participants to the influence of culture in the academic setting

Encourage participants to think critically about higher education and UA in a dynamic environment

Please identify how you aspire to be more effective in your leadership role. What about Leadership U makes it the appropriate avenue for achieving effectiveness? Can you provide an example of a time or incident that illustrates your thoughts?

2. Building Relationships

Participants consistently comment on the value of the relationship building expanding personal network possible through the Leadership U experience.

Briefly (250 words or less) describe how expanding your personal networks through Leadership U would help you be more effective in your leadership role.

3. Resume/Vita

4. Recommendation from Superior

Supervisors are asked to provide examples of effectiveness in three of four key leadership areas below.

  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Dealing effectively with ambiguity and change
  • Working across departments and other stakeholders
  • Making decisions of broad impact

Guidelines to Prepare a Superior Letter of Support