Building the Learning Community - Session Descriptions

Leadership University will consist of an orientation session plus a total of eight courses:


For selected candidates and their supervisors, this opening session is designed to help candidates learn more about each other, learn what to expect from Leadership U and ensure that candidates and their superiors understand the commitment needed on both parts for the candidates' successful completion of this two year program.

Four UA-specific components

Session 1 – The Changing Learning Community – Mission and Vision

Being effective in any organization requires an understanding of the history, values, and aims of the organization. Themes of Session 1 include UA's vision, strategic goals, governance, history, and campus culture. You should gain a better appreciation for leading in the higher education environment in general and at The University of Alabama specifically. Speakers in the past have included the President, Provost, Vice Presidents and deans, former presidents and other senior leaders. Each session will also include an outing on campus.

Session 2 – People and Relationships

A university is characterized by strong, long-standing, and, often, ardent relationships. During Session 2, participants will consider the complexity of stakeholders, internal and external, of the modern university and The University of Alabama. You should gain a better appreciation for the challenges and opportunities that accompany this network of relationships. Sessions will focus on stakeholder groups of students, faculty, staff, the Board of Trustees, legislators, and alumni, and themes of inclusivity, recruiting and onboarding staff, government relations, and working across organizational lines.

Session 3 – Resources and Infrastructure

The complex network of relationships that is a university is requires significant resources and robust infrastructure. During Session 3 participants consider what it takes to support the learning community, both in terms of instructional infrastructure, fiscal and physical resources. Sessions will address dimensions of fiscal infrastructure, such as finance, facilities and grounds, planning and construction, safety and security; as well as instructional infrastructure, such as library, instructional effectiveness, scholarships, and international study.

Session 4 – Thriving in the Learning Community

The first three sessions were about the institution. What "makes it tick?" Where it's been and where it's headed. Session 4 is about you. How do you thrive at the University of Alabama? How do you achieve your vision? Achieve your goals? Manage your own continued development?

Four management and leadership components – selected from courses currently offered by the College of Continuing Studies.

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