Master Management Certificate Program

Increase the potential of your organization through advanced management training. The Master Management Certificate Program is advanced management training for leaders who are ready to increase their effectiveness and examine the relationship between their actions and the organization's big picture. Leaders who thrive interpersonally and have the ability to anticipate and adapt to issues affecting the organization contribute immeasurably to their company's long term success. This certificate program focuses on helping leaders find their place and point of impact among the bigger issues any company faces—legal, ethical, financial, environmental, and competitive.

Who should attend:

High potential managers, supervisors and executives in all types of organizations will benefit greatly by attending.

What you will learn:

  • To distinguish between being busy and being productive
  • To simplify time management
  • To successfully negotiate with difficult people on difficult issues
  • How to engineer impact in written messages
  • Why diversity is valuable and how it impacts the work environment
  • Three strategy-making tasks for their organization and the tests of a winning strategy
  • To make dissatisfaction work in their favor
  • To lead change process and handle innovation assassins
  • How to mitigate employee litigation
  • To define and practice business ethics and deal with ethical dilemmas
  • To understand and analyze financial statements
  • To use financial information in planning
  • Why first-class customer service is mega-important
  • To evaluate customer needs/expectations and train staff in customer service
  • How to analyze, measure and improve processes in their organization