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Management Certificate Program for Supervisors

Preparing new managers and updating experienced supervisors is just as important as training an employee to productively and safely operate a complex piece of equipment.  This program offers comprehensive management development to people at various supervisory levels.

Management Certificate Program for Supervisors

 The Management Certificate Program for Supervisors was developed to help individuals within organizations fully embrace their own leadership potential and fine-tune their supervisory technique. Leaders who are increasingly comfortable with the mechanics of supervision perform at a higher level and garner more support and engagement from their direct reports. This particular certificate series offers insight into communications, consensus-building, and dealing with difficult people issues.

Who should attend:

New managers, executives, directors, department heads, small business owners, supervisors and administrators.

What will you learn:

  • The relationship between effective performance, rewards and job satisfaction
  • How to remove barriers to effective interpersonal communications and listen more productively
  • To assess their own interpersonal style and its effectiveness
  • How to get a new employee started on the right foot
  • An enlightened approach to corrective action
  • To deal rationally with conflict
  • The mechanics of work groups
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Creative problem-solving techniques
  • To effectively manage “change”
  • To understand body language
  • The essentials of human relations
  • The techniques for working with people used by peers from other organizations
  • To communicate reprimands and praise to produce the right results
  • To assess your conflict management style
  • To diffuse difficult situations
  • To exchange expectations with employees
  • How and why to get employees involved
  • To set job objectives, organization resources and implement plans
  • To create a climate for motivated job performance and much, much more!!!