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Keynote Speakers for The 17th Annual Fall Social Work Conference 

Kristin Scroggin

Kristin Scroggin - Managing Partner & Lead Trainer - genWHY Communication Strategies

Kristin Scroggin can't do math or bake a pie, but she is a GREAT speaker! Kristin has her Masters in Communication Studies, Bachelors in Communication Arts and has been a Communications Lecturer at the University of Alabama in Huntsville for 11 years. Her passion is generational diversity, and for the past five years she has spoken at conferences and organizations across the United States ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profits. Obsessed with travel and desperate to see the world, she and her husband try to keep their heads above water while parenting their four children and any foster children who come their way.

Arvind Singhal

Dr. Arvind Singhal, Ph.D., is Marston Endowed Professor of Communication, The University of Texas at El Paso

Dr. Arvind Singhal is Professor of Communication and the Director of the Social Justice Initiative at The University of Texas at El Paso. Singhal teaches and conducts research on the diffusion of innovations, the positive deviance approach, organizing for social change, the entertainment-education strategy, and liberating interactional structures. His outreach spans public, education human rights, poverty alleviation, sustainable development, civic participation, democracy and governance, and corporate citizenship. Dr. Singhal's presentation at this conference will focus on Positive Deviance.

Marcus Stallworth

Marcus Stallworth, LMSW - Owner of Stallworth Counseling Services, LLC

Marcus Stallworth, LMSW, Owner of Stallworth Counseling Services LLC, operates with a strength based, hands on approach.  Spending close to 15 years providing Child Protective Services, he is recognized by the State of Connecticut as an expert witness for providing testimony. He has spearheaded several initiatives to promote the engagement of Fathers, the prevention of abuse and neglect, and the dangers of Social Media. He has direct experience educating and supporting Human Trafficking and Sexually Exploited victims, including those in Foster Care. He played a leadership role in Connecticut’s Disaster Behavioral Health Response Network, and oversaw recovery efforts in Newtown CT after the events on December 14, 2012.