The Art of Grantwriting: How to Secure Funds for Your Organization

Thursday, March 7, 2019

About the Workshop

The workshop will provide basic information about the art of getting external funds to support human service organizations and governmental entities.  The funding opportunities to be discussed will focus on government funds, but references will be made to securing private funds, particularly how to differentiate between the two sources. Participants will learn how to get their organization “grant-ready” and how to make strategic decisions about applying for a grant.

The session will include guidance on developing the foundation to pursue funding opportunities.  Participants will learn what is required to respond to “Requests of Proposals” [RFP’s) or “Notice of Funding Opportunities” (NOFA’s) including, understanding parts of a government grant proposal, project narrative, development of strategic partnerships, obtaining commitments of cash/in-kind match, creating the project budget, developing the budget narrative and evaluating outcomes.

Specifically, Dr. Guin will discuss the elements of a proposal, including the abstract, problem statement (need), design (goals, objectives, methods) proposed outcomes and evaluation. Corollary components to the narrative will also be discussed with participants, including development of strategic partnerships, attainment of letters of commitment, logic models and timelines.

Discussion will be encouraged, so participants should come to the workshop with some idea of a project they might be interested in pursuing funding for.  

Although the focus of the workshop is on non-governmental and governmental agencies, information for academic participants can also be provided based on the participating audience.

Learner Objectives

  •  To develop a basic understanding of the steps and skills necessary to obtain external funding;
  •  To differentiate between government and private funding support processes;
  •  To learn how to track funding opportunities over time;
  •  To become knowledgeable of the types of government grants and resources available to human service   organizations;
  •  To understand the required written elements of a proposal.