Supporting Veterans' Children through Transitions 

June 2, 2017

Course Schedule 

Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Course Description 

Supporting Veterans’ Children through Transitions is a program planned by the Military Child Education Coalition, and sponsored by the Alabama Education Trust Fund in conjunction with The University of Alabama School of Social Work.

This one-day course enables youth-serving educators, professionals, and parents to support the unique transitional issues children face when their parents separate from the military. The course also addresses the challenges of children whose parents have died or experienced combat-related injuries and illnesses. Participants will develop strategies and resources to help these children thrive.

Learner Objectives:

1.  Explore and identify the academic and social-emotional implications for children and youth when their parents voluntarily or involuntarily transition from the military to civilian life

2.  Explore and identify the academic and social-emotional implications during military to civilian transition for children and youth whose military parents have died, been wounded, or have combat-related illnesses

3.  Discover resources and integrate positive strategies to address implications of the military to civilian life transition for children and youth

Included with Registration

Breakfast, lunch and several books are included with your free registration. 

About the Speaker  

The course will be led by Amanda Hulsey, M.Ed., CDE, CNC. Hulsey is Program Manager of Professional Development and Standards for the Military Child Education Coalition.

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