Inaugural STEM Forward Conference: Shattering the STEM Ceiling

The Inaugural STEM Forward Conference is an opportunity for students, researchers, academics, and businesses to come together. Anyone studying or working in the STEM industry are welcome to attend.  These individuals will have the opportunity to build new relationships with graduate school program, future employers, and fellow colleagues.  

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green
Morehouse College of Medicine

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green

Principal Investigator, NanoBioPhotonics and Targeted
Cancer Therapeutics Laboratory
Founder, Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation


The University of Alabama STEM Forward Initiative strives to  ensure the opportunity for all students to be successful in STEM career pathways.

2014 Symposium ImageThe University of Alabama is a founding member of the National STEM Collaborative,
a consortium of 12 higher education institutions and 15 non-profit partners to scale
research-based best skills and knowledge, resources and practices on access, completion, 
and workforce development for women of color in STEM. ​   


STEM Vision and Mission Statement

STEM Forward at The University of Alabama is a University-wide collective impact initiative aimed at broadening the participation of individuals from groups that have been traditionally under-served and/or underrepresented in STEM.

STEM Forward uses a holistic systems approach, which we envision as a STEM ecosystem, to broaden participation and inclusiveness to increase the number of students graduating in STEM disciplines prepared to meet local and national workforce needs, build upon the University's capacity to advance knowledge in STEM disciplines and enhance recruitment of students, staff, and faculty such that these populations reflect the diversity of the state and nation. 

stem poster presentationSTEM Forward's collective impact activities are designed to foster and cultivate cross-sector partnerships and communities on and off campus supporting broader participation in STEM; identify and eliminate barriers to equitable access to STEM opportunities; promote sharing of data, resources and best practices from K-16 STEM education. 

STEM Forward serves as a point of collaboration and connection for faculty, students, and staff on campus and develops collaborations with internal and external partners on sponsored projects to enhance STEM opportunities.





 STEM Marketing Flyer