Topics Covered by Our Succession Planning Course

Introductions, Purpose, Objectives, and Agenda for the Program

Day One

What is succession planning and talent management?
  • Why organizations implement succession planning and talent management programs

  • Emerging business trends as indicators of need

  • Activity: Rate your organization on succession planning and management

  • The life cycle of succession planning and talent management programs

  • Replacement charting for visualizing gaps in a succession plan

  • How to link succession planning and talent management to HR plans and organizational strategy

Defining Key Terms and Explaining the Business Need for Talent Management and Succession Management
  • Defining key terms in succession planning and talent management

  • Explaining the need for talent management and succession management

  • Activity: replacement planning focus for real organizations

Models to Guide Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • Purpose, goals, and policies for direction

  • Present and future job descriptions and competency models

  • Performance management models

  • Potential assessment modeling

  • Individual development planning

  • Evaluating succession and talent management efforts

  • Improving recruitment and retention

Day Two

How do you implement a succession planning and talent management system?
  • Common mistakes in succession planning and management programs

  • Commitment and top management support

  • Using job and position descriptions and competency modeling

  • Assessing present work requirements

  • Evaluating current performance

  • Determining future work requirements

  • Assessing potential

  • Closing development gaps

  • Individual development plans

  • Evaluating the succession planning and management system

  • Career planning programs and mentoring 

  • Review and evaluation of workshop objectives

  • Taking first steps in succession planning and talent management efforts

  • Future challenge