9:30                 Welcome breakfast 

10:00               Introductory Remarks 

                        Jessica Goethals and Paola Ugolini, organizers

                        Tricia McElroy, Associate Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts

                        Douglas Lightfoot, Chair of Modern Languages and Classics

10:30               Panel 1: On the Uses of the Comic

                        Chair: Fabio Battista

 Paola Ugolini (University at Buffalo), “No Laughing Matter: On the Uses and Meanings of Anti-Court Satire in Renaissance Italy”                                

 Massimo Scalabrini (Indiana University Bloomington), “Comedy and Civility in the Italian Renaissance”

 Sarah Gwyneth Ross  (Boston College), “Playing the Feminist: The Peculiar Case of Francesco Andreini (d.1624)” 

12:00               Discussion 

12:30               Lunch Break 

1:30                 Panel 2: Subversive Languages

                        Chair: Jessica Goethals 

 Chriscinda Henry (McGill), Painting ‘Alla bulesca’ and Venetian Dialect Comedy

 Marco Faini (University of Toronto / Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), “Pietro Aretino, or the devout Pornographer”

 Erith Jaffe-Berg (University of California Riverside), “Multilingual Experimentation in Early Modern Italian Comedies” 

3:00                 Discussion 

3:30                 Coffee/Tea  Break 

4:00                 Workshop / Performance 

5:00                 Reception 



9:30                 Breakfast 

10:00               Panel 3: Tricks, Jokes, and Ridicule

                        Chair: Jean Luc Robin 

 Elsa Filosa (Vanderbilt University), “Novellette da ridere by chroniclers of 1300s”

 John Hunt (Utah Valley University), “Cardsharps and Play in Early Modern Italy”

 Don Fader (University of Alabama), “How Giovanni Battista Lulli Became Jean-Baptiste Lully: The Composer’s Comic Self-Representation in his Early Ballets de cour” 

11:30               Discussion 

12:00               Lunch 

1:00                 Panel 4: Comedic Bodies

                        Chair: Tanja Jones 

 Touba Ghadessi (Wheaton College), “Laughing at Others – Extraordinary Bodies and Human Difference”

 Jessica Goethals (University of Alabama), “Nonsense, Hooey, and Poppycock, or A Salty Defense of Buffoonery”

 Emily Wilbourne (Queens College, CUNY), “Black Comedy: The ephemeral entertainment of Giovanni Buonaccorsi” 

2:30                 Discussion 

3:00                 Coffee/Tea  Break 

3:30                 Panel 5: Hybrids and Caricatures

                       Chair: Paola Ugolini 

 Mary Vaccaro (University of Texas at Arlington), “Perfect deformity: The ritrattini carichi of the Carracci”

 Eric Nicholson (Syracuse University Florence / New York University, Florence), “Ruzante and the Renaissance Invention of Pastoral Grotesque Comedy”

 Sara Díaz (Fairfield University), "Risible Disability in Margherita Costa's 1639 Love Letters" 

5:00                 Discussion 

5:30                 Closing Remarks