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Click Here to view the 2011 Innovation Forum Booklet, which includes all of the faculty submissions for the Innovation Forum at The University of Alabama System Scholars Institute.

Innovation Forum

UA, UAB and UA Huntsville faculty were invited to submit a one page summary of innovative activities and approaches that further student critical thinking and understanding of the visual and digital world.  The submission includes a description of the innovation, an impact report, and summary of lessons learned. 

Four faculty submissions were selected to review their topic at the Scholars Institute.   The review was about their innovative activities or approaches.  All submissions were included in the UA System Scholars Institute participant packets. 

Below are the faculty submissions for the Innovation Forum at The University of Alabama System Scholars Institute:

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Barbara A Heavilin, PhD , College of Arts and Sciences , " Literature, Art Architecture and Garden in World Literature Classes"

Penni Isla Watts & Jody M Gilchrist , School of Nursing, "Heart Attack Patient Comes to Patho Class"

Stephen A Yoder JD, School of Business, " Approach to Encouraging Student Innovation"

The University of Alabama

George L. Daniels, Ph.D., College of Communications and Information Sciences, Department of Journalism, "An Immigration News Hunt As Innovative Approach to Teaching Social Media and Diversity"

Jeff Gray, Ph.D., College of Engineering, Department of Computer Science, "The Engaging Influence of Mobile Computing"

The University of Alabama at Huntsville

Susan Alexander, Nursing, "Incorporating Mobile Applications into Clinical Care for the Advanced Practice Nurse"

Marita O'Brien, Psychology, "Innovative Activity About Undestanding the Digital World"

For more information about the Innovation Forum please contact:

The University of Alabama, Marilyn Staffo at MStaffo@ua.edu

The University of Alabama at Huntsville, Bobbi Jo Carter at BobbiJo.Carter@uah.edu

UAB, Karen Shader at KKShader@uab.edu