NSF EPSCOR Water Security Planning

· Bryant Conference Center · Tuscaloosa, AL

NSF EPSCOR Water Security Planning

· Bryant Conference Center · Tuscaloosa, AL

NSF EPSCOR Water Security Planning Workshop

The Center for Water Quality Research at The University of Alabama is pleased to host the NSF EPSCOR workshop on water security planning and management from TBD at the Bryant Conference Center located on the campus of The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL.

This workshop will provide a scientific forum for researchers, academics, consultants, and industry professionals to discuss and develop novel ideas for solving water security problems that are relevant to EPSCOR states. The workshop will focus on four technical areas, which include coastal water security, groundwater security, drinking water security, and water policy. This workshop aims to provide opportunities for building interdisciplinary teams to develop novel solutions to both water quantity and quality security problems.

If you have any questions, please email Jordan Todd at jhtodd@ua.edu. A limited number of conference fee waivers and/or partial travel support fellowships are available for interested participants from EPSCOR states on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please register for the conference and submit an abstract for the poster presentation to qualify for these fellowships. Please identify one of the four focus areas in your poster submission.

Coastal Water Security

  • Impacts of hurricanes
  • Sea level rise
  • Climate change effects
  • Storm surge and flooding
  • Saltwater intrusion

Groundwater Security

  • Mapping of GW resources
  • Recharge assessment
  • Sustainable yield
  • GW and drought management
  • GW contamination

Drinking water security

  • Surface and GW source protection
  • Wasterwater reuse
  • Water treatment processes
  • Dechlorination products
  • Emerging contaminants

Water policy & security

  • Water management policies
  • GW allocation policies
  • Modeling and policy
  • Water quality guidelines
  • Resolution of water conflicts

Coastal Water Security - Impacts of hurricanes, Sea level rise, Climiate change effects, strom surge and flooding, and Saltwater intrusion Groundwater Security - Mappping of GW resources, recharge assessment, sustainable yiled, GW and drought Management and GW contamination. Drinking water security - surface and GW source protection, wasterwater reuse, water treatment processes, dechlorination products and emerging contaminants. Water policy and security - water management policies, gw allocation policies, modeling and policy, water quality guidelines and resolution of water conflicts