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Plan an Event with Bama At Work

Professional Development and Conference Services has experienced event managers that can help you through every step of the planning and execution process. For more information on how we can help you be successful, please call us at 205-348-8600 or email us at

Before the Event:

Content, Administrative & Financial Services:

  • Advise you in the development of a comprehensive event plan       
  • Assist in development of a budget including registration/exhibitor/sponsor fees        
  • Participate in planning meetings                              
  • Assist in speaker selection                                         
  • Monitor expenses                                   
  • Review and pay bills                                                                        
  • Develop evaluations                                    

Marketing Services:                   

  • Develop promotional materials and a program marketing plan
  • Assist with the development of an email marketing plan and timetable 
  • Prepare and send out  press releases    
  • Send online registration page to your webmaster for inclusion on a website 
  • Design and maintain a website 
  • Develop and manage a direct mail plan including list research, de-duping, etc. 
  • Conduct basic market research
  • Conduct digital marketing campaigns (search engine marketing, social media marketing)          

CEUs and Professional Approvals:

  • Process applications seeking approval of continuing education hours for professional organizations 
  • Award CEU Certificates at conclusion of program

Registration Services:               

  • Develop registration forms, both printed and online 
  • Receive  and process registrations via phone, mail and online 
  • Process payments: checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and cash 
  • Send invoices for approved Purchase Orders
  • Send registration confirmations to all attendees
  • Create and maintain database of attendees, including CEUs awarded for attendance 
  • Monitor requests for special accommodations 
  • Process refunds according to advertised refund policy 
  • Provide a toll-free phone number with staff available 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., M-F 
  • Design custom nametags with your logo and tagline.  Include ribbons to identify speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, committee members, etc. 
  • Send weekly status reports by email 
  • Prepare customized certificates

Facilities Management Services:

  • Research possible program sites 
  • Contract with facility, suppliers and service providers      
  • Serve as liaison with selected facility staff
  • Select menus for meals and breaks
  • Design layout of exhibitor area
  • Research and provide for AV equipment needs (if not provided by host site)

During the Event:

  • Provide excellent customer service: Prepare handout materials, provide directions, answer questions, etc., to all attendees.
  • Distribute promotional materials 
  • Provide on-site check-in and walk-in registration services 
  • Print additional nametags as needed 
  • Greet exhibitors and monitor set-up process
  • Monitor audio-visual needs for speakers and exhibitors 
  • Provide signage 
  • Act as liaison with additional staff 
  • Collect evaluations

After the Event:

  • Collect unpaid invoices 
  • Submit payment for outstanding expenses
  • Provide final reports of attendees, exhibitors and expenses 
  • Compile evaluations into summary 
  • Attend a ‘debrief’ meeting with the planning committee
  • Provide suggestions for future events 
  • Maintain a database of attendees 
  • Present final financial statement