Conference Services, At Your Service

We offer experienced event managers that can help you through every step of your event - from the planning process to day-of execution. Our team can host your event anywhere - on The University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa, within the state or even across the country. We can handle all of the details A to Z, or we can handle a single detail.

For additional information, please contact Amanda Bergeron at 205-348-9966 or email

Before the Event

Content, Administrative & Financial Services

  • Advise you in the development of a comprehensive event plan       
  • Assist in development of a budget including registration/exhibitor/sponsor fees        
  • Participate in planning meetings                              
  • Assist in speaker selection                                         
  • Monitor expenses                                   
  • Review and pay bills                                                                        
  • Develop evaluations                                    

Marketing Services                  

  • Develop promotional materials and a program marketing plan
  • Assist with the development of an email marketing plan and timetable 
  • Prepare and send out  press releases    
  • Send online registration page to your webmaster for inclusion on a website 
  • Design and maintain a website 
  • Develop and manage a direct mail plan including list research, de-duping, etc. 
  • Conduct basic market research
  • Conduct digital marketing campaigns (search engine marketing, social media marketing)          

CEUs and Professional Approvals

  • Process applications seeking approval of continuing education hours for professional organizations 
  • Award CEU Certificates at conclusion of program

Registration Services               

  • Develop registration forms, both printed and online 
  • Receive  and process registrations via phone, mail and online 
  • Process payments: checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and cash 
  • Send invoices for approved Purchase Orders
  • Send registration confirmations to all attendees
  • Create and maintain database of attendees, including CEUs awarded for attendance 
  • Monitor requests for special accommodations 
  • Process refunds according to advertised refund policy 
  • Provide a toll-free phone number with staff available 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., M-F 
  • Design custom nametags with your logo and tagline.  Include ribbons to identify speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, committee members, etc. 
  • Send weekly status reports by email 
  • Prepare customized certificates

Facilities Management Services

  • Research possible program sites 
  • Contract with facility, suppliers and service providers      
  • Serve as liaison with selected facility staff
  • Select menus for meals and breaks
  • Design layout of exhibitor area
  • Research and provide for AV equipment needs (if not provided by host site)

During the Event

  • Provide excellent customer service: Prepare handout materials, provide directions, answer questions, etc., to all attendees.
  • Distribute promotional materials 
  • Provide on-site check-in and walk-in registration services 
  • Print additional nametags as needed 
  • Greet exhibitors and monitor set-up process
  • Monitor audio-visual needs for speakers and exhibitors 
  • Provide signage 
  • Act as liaison with additional staff 
  • Collect evaluations

After the Event

  • Collect unpaid invoices 
  • Submit payment for outstanding expenses
  • Provide final reports of attendees, exhibitors and expenses 
  • Compile evaluations into summary 
  • Attend a ‘debrief’ meeting with the planning committee
  • Provide suggestions for future events 
  • Maintain a database of attendees 
  • Present final financial statement