Insurance Exam Prep Courses

Give yourself the Alabama Advantage when you prepare to become a Licensed Insurance Producer!

Our online courses are backed up by a thoroughly knowledgeable instructor and are based on material that will give you the knowledge you need to pass the first time!

Your time is important. Make sure you are giving yourself the advantage you need so you can get to work as a Licensed Insurance Producer! Enroll in the best and most thorough exam prep courses offered on the market today. Each course is self-paced with unlimited attempts to score the minimum required chapter completion score of 80 percent, required to move on through the course. Course must be completed within six months from the purchase date.

The course includes the following resources:

  • Introductory videos
  • Guided audio presentations
  • Flash cards
  • Quizzes

In addition to the online course and digital book, your best bet is to choose the course with Exam4Caster®. Exam4Caster® is a powerful tool for evaluating your knowledge gaps. It will help you to identify and master the critical content that will appear on the state exam. You will then be able to demonstrate your proficiency by passing a standardized test.

Exam4Caster® offers four practice exams. The practice exam results include valuable feedback on each question to clarify your understanding and help you pass the real exam. These dress-rehearsal tests are progressively more difficult and address different specific objectives of the state exam.

  • Exam 1: Fact Check With terms and definitions compromising 60 percent of the state exam, this material must be mastered in order to pass.
  • Exam 2: Checkup Written at the same difficulty level as the state exam, a score of 75 percent or higher will create a sense of assurance in passing the state exam on the first try.
  • Exam 3: Double-check If you didn’t do well on Exam 2, this exam offers a review.
  • Exam 4: Check Mate This exam is more difficult than the state exam. A score of 60 percent and above is ideal for highly competitive people and for those who must pass the state exam on the first try.