Municipal Clerks Webinar Series

The University of Alabama, in conjunction with IIMC, is offering online courses to assist with your CMC and MMC Certification. 1/2 point will be issued for every one hour webcast. The webcasts listed below are all two hour sessions. The registration fee for our webinars is $50 for non-members and $30 for IIMC, AAMCA and AMROA members. More information can be found here by reading the IIMC's Online Learning Guidelines.

Online Webcasts

Ethical Decision-Making

In this webinar, participants will learn how ethics impact the decisions made by civil service employees. The speaker will discuss how ethics are defined in civil service, will explore the underlying principles that guide ethical decision making, and will identify a process to help participants make ethical decisions when it really counts.

Affordable Care Act Compliance

Donna Catron of Prestige Partners, LLC will explore what she calls the 7 Deadly Sins of the ACA. She will also discuss long term strategies to preplanning for rises in healthcare cost.

Health Insurance Solutions

Prestige Partners and Employee Benefit Services partner to create health insurance solutions for municipalities and surrounding businesses. They partially self-fund the plans by using less costly major medical plan designs and build the benefits back with a secondary insurance. Municipalities profit up front as well as on the end of the plan year by retaining any unused funds in the claims account. Prestige Partners also partners with EAC to provide the most comprehensive, easy to use ACA Compliance Toolkit. Employers are able to track employees and make sure all IRS reporting requirements are properly and easily handled.

Taxation Issues

Keeping up with the other 19,492 municipal taxing authorities. Topics of discussion will include: Municipal taxing powers & authority, municipal sales and use taxes, municipal business licensing, local tax appeal forums, utility franchise agreements, and hot topics on local taxation.

Preparing Resolutions and Ordinances

Ken Smith, Executive Director of the Alabama League of Municipalities will discuss the drafting and adopting of ordinances and resolutions.

Training the Civil Service Trainer

This Webinar will address the issues related to Training for the Municipal Civil Service Trainer.