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Scholarships for the Alabama Autism Conference

About the Scholarships

Scholarships are available through the Autism Society of Alabama (ASA). Scholarships cover registration fees only. Applications are given priority based on membership status in the Autism Society of Alabama, date of receipt, and previous scholarship award. The ASA will register scholarship award recipients.

The Alabama Autism Providers Network has contributed funds to support students/trainees who wish to attend and participate in the 2019 Alabama Autism Conference. Please contact Vikki Chavis at with any requests or questions.

Consumer Involvement Fund

The Consumer Involvement Fund (CIF) is a reimbursement program that provides partial funding for individuals with developmental disabilities, their family members, or their guardians to attend professional and informational conferences, legislative advocacy skills training events, public forums, hearings, and other similar activities.

Autism Scholarship Form [PDF]

Autism Scholarship Form [HTML]