Burton Scholarships- Financial Assistance for Training for Municipal Workers

Purpose and Administration

The endowment has a two-fold purpose: To advance the content, quality, and effectiveness of municipal programs held at The University of Alabama’s Office of Teaching Innovation and Digital Education, and to help perpetuate and improve the quality of services rendered by the League of Municipalities to their constituents. The fund is administrated by a panel consisting of the President of the League, the Executive Director of the League of Municipalities, the Director of the Division of Professional and Management Development, and the Associate Provost of the Office of Teaching Innovation and Digital Education. To apply for financial assistance, please fill out the following application:

John G. Burton Endowment Scholarship Online Application External (Annual Community Development Institute)


The Alabama League of Municipalities in cooperation with The University of Alabama Office of Teaching Innovation and Digital Education established this endowment in honor of John G. Burton, who served as the first president of the Alabama League of Municipalities in 1936 and held an executive position on that board for eight years. Mr. Burton received state and national recognition for his progressive ideas and accomplishments. A native of Walker County, he attended Eldridge Baptist Academy. He was employed with the Central Bank and Trust Company in Jasper from 1918-1932. Elected mayor of Jasper in 1932, Burton served in that capacity until 1946. During his tenure as mayor, he made important contributions to his county and state, such as getting tax dollars for municipalities, and establishing schools for the training of municipal workers. Mr. Burton was a member of the Board of Trustees of Walker College in Jasper from 1938 to 1946. From then until 1956, he served as the business manager of Howard College. He worked in the real estate business from 1956 until his retirement.