66th Human Resources Management Conference

October 29-30, 2020  Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"Emerging Trends: Tackling New Topics in HR"


About the Conference

Hosted by The University of Alabama, the Human Resources Management Conference is designed to develop the full range of skills and knowledge vital to the success of the contemporary human resource professional. Presented by experienced human resource and employment law experts from around the state and across the country, this conference is consistently referred to as a must-attend event!

Who Should Attend?

The Alabama HRM Conference hosts human resource leaders, innovators, and influencers throughout Alabama and surrounding southern states. Participants come from the following functional areas withing companies and organizations:

  • Employee and industrial relations
  • Organizational development
  • Benefits and compensation
  • Selection and placement
  • Safety and security
  • Training and development
  • Legal compliance
  • Small business owners and managers

 HRM conference speakerHRM conference attendeeds workshopping

What participants said about the 2019 HRM Conference:

  • "Interesting topics that covered HR as well as knowledge and skills for everyday use within any occupation."

  • "I felt overall the conference was very well put together. All of the speakers did a great job."

  • "It was great exposure to some of the topics from subject matter experts I wouldn't otherwise have worked with. I'm also really pleased with the local partnerships with law firms around here [Birmingham]. That's great exposure and I appreciate those local faces showing up to share their knowledge."