State of Alabama Insurance Testing

The exam for insurance producers and adjusters licenses is given by computer at proctored locations around the state of Alabama. This website is where you may register for the exam. Registration must be done online. This is also the best place to find out how insurance licenses are issued. You will also find information on the necessary steps to obtain an insurance license and how to register for the exam.

It is very important that the person who is going to take the exam reads all of the information on this website. Please read, or have that person read about all of the requirements and regulations before signing up for the exam. The person taking the exam also needs to fill out the registration form themselves. You should not register someone else.

Registration and examination is administrated by The University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies in partnership with the Alabama Department of Insurance. The Alabama Department of Insurance is responsible for regulating the insurance industry in Alabama. They oversee and serve over 67,000 licensees and process approximately 180,000 applications per year.