State of Alabama Insurance Testing

To be admitted for examination, you must register seven (7) days in advance of the day you wish to test.


Once you have shown proper photo identification and certification of pre-licensing course, the monitor will then assign your seat. Your monitor will then give you the exam instructions. The monitor cannot answer any questions concerning the exam.

This is a computer generated exam all questions are multiple choice, with four possible answers to each question. If you do not know the correct answer to a question, move to the next question and then return to the unanswered questions if time allows. You are allowed to change your answers during the course of the examination until time expires or until you submit your examination for grading.  Your final exam score is based on the number of questions you answer correctly. Therefore, it is better to guess at the correct answer by eliminating one or more of the answer choices.

Your examination will have automatic "remaining time" warnings. When the time for an examination expires, you will be given a "final" warning and the examination will be graded based on the questions answered by the expiration of the allotted time. After completion of the exam, if time is still remaining, you will be able to review your answers.

  • Rooms are under video surveillance.
  • Examinees are not permitted to bring purses, paper, study materials, books, calculators, cell phones, food or drinks into the testing area.
  • Calculators will be provided for use.
  • Examinees may not leave the room during an exam without permission from the exam proctor.
  • Examinees may not give or receive help, take part in an act of impersonation, copy questions, or use notes, books, or other aids.
  • Scrap paper is not allowed.

Failure to follow these regulations and procedures will cause your exam not to be scores, your registration fee forfeited, you will be dismissed and your name will be submitted to the Alabama Department of Insurance for disciplinary measures.

70% is passing on the exam content that is as follows and can be found in more detail on the State of Alabama Department of Insurance's website:

PRODUCER Exam # Correct to Pass Total # on Test   
Time Allotted
Life & Health 105 150 3:00 Hrs
Life 87 125 2:30 Hrs
Health 70 100 2:00 Hrs
Property & Casualty 105 150 3:00 Hrs
Property 70 100 2:00 Hrs
Casualty 87 125 2:30 Hrs
Personal Lines 70 100 2:00 Hrs
Bail Bonds 35 50 1:00 Hr
ADJUSTER Exam # Correct to Pass Total # on Test Time Allotted
Worker's Compensation (WC) 70 100 1:40 Hrs
Property & Casualty (no WC) 87 125 2:30 Hrs
Crop 70 100 1:40 Hrs
Property & Casualty w/ WC & Crop 105 150 3:00 Hrs
Title 105 150 3:00 Hrs