Q:  May I register for two tests at the same time?
A:  No, you may only register for one exam per time, but you may register for an 8:30 a.m. exam and a 1 p.m. exam on the same day.

Q:  My exam results are not showing up on the Alabama Department of Insurance’s website.  What do I do?
A:  Exam results may take up to 3 business days to appear on the website.  If, after that time, your exam has still not appeared, please email your name and exam date to insurance@ua.edu and you will be contacted.

Q:  I moved, and now my address on my driver’s license does not match my current location; will that matter?
A:  No, we only verify the name.

Q:  My driver’s license was issued in Mississippi.  Does that matter?
A:  No, just as long as the name matches your certificate of completion and your driver’s license has not expired.

Q:  I recently got married and my name on my certificate of completion does not match my name on my driver’s license, does that matter?
A:  In this case, please bring your marriage license with you to the testing site in order to verify your legal identity.

Q:  I registered for the test, but now I’m not ready for it, may I reschedule?
A:  No, the exam fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.  You will need to go back online, reregister and pay again.

Q: I haven’t finished my prelicensing course, but may I go ahead and register to take the test?
A: Yes, but if you do not have your certificate of course completion in your hand on the exam date, you will forfeit your registration fee and will need to go back online, reregister and pay again.  When registering, please give an estimated date of course completion.  This date does not have to be exact.

Q:  If I was registered and missed the test, does it count against me?
A:  No, it is recorded as an absence and those do not count as an attempt.

Q:  Is the exam available in the Spanish language?
A:  No, not at this time.

Q:  I took the exam two times prior and did not pass.  I went ahead and reregistered and forgot I had a waiting period, may I reschedule it to after my waiting period has finished?
A:  No, the exam cannot be rescheduled and it cannot be refunded.  You will need to go back online and reregister for a date after your waiting period and pay again.

Q:  I’m taking an Adjuster exam, do you have a study guide for it?
A:  No, we currently only have Producer study guides.

Q:  If I have a course certification for Life and Health, do I have to take the Life and Health exam together or may I take the exams separately?
A:  No, you do not have to take them together.  You have the option of taking each exam separately.

Q:  What does the exam cost?
A:  Individual Producer exams are $50, Combined Producer exams are $75, Adjuster exams are $75, and Title exams are $75.